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    Syrians Are Covering One Eye In Solidarity With A Baby Who Lost His Mother And His Eye In A Bomb

    Two-month-old Karim was injured during a Syrian government bombardment in East Ghouta, just outside of the country's capital.

    This is Karim. When he was just two months old, the baby was seriously injured during a bombardment, as part of the ongoing civil war in Syria.

    Nour Adam via WhatsApp

    The Oct. 29 bombing in the Hammuria neighborhood of of East Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, the country's capital, destroyed Karim's home and killed his mother. He's now being cared for by his brothers, the oldest of whom is just 11 years old, and their father.

    Amer Almohibany, a freelance photographer who works in Damascus, spotted Karim in early December and the sight of the child left an impact.

    Nour Adam via WhatsApp

    "I was very touched by this sad story. Even after I left Karim [he] did not leave my memory," he told BuzzFeed News via Twitter DM. "When I returned to the house stood in front of the mirror and covered my eyes with my hand and tried to live that experience."

    Two weeks later, Karim was still on Almohibany's mind. He photographed his son with one eye covered to invite the world to sympathize with the plight of the Syrian children still living under daily shelling.

    Amer Almoigany, via Twitter / Via Twitter: @amer_almohibany

    "My son a 3.5 year old, is in solidarity with the child Karim," he wrote in his tweet sharing the photo.

    Soon many other Syrians and their children also tweeted pictures in support of Karim, using the hashtag #SolidarityWithKarim.

    My little brother Muhammad appears his solidarity with Karim and says, "We children hate war and hate #Assad who is…

    We stand in #SolidarityWithKarim #BreakGhoutaSiege #Ghouta #Syria

    Syrian children stand in solidarity with Karim, who lost his eye and had his skull broken by Assad regime shelling…

    Children from the city of # Daraa stand in solidarity for Karim who lost one eye as a result of the bombing of the…

    #SolidaritywithKarim who lost his eye and mother by #Assad Bombing on #Ghouta

    Abdul Baset Al-Sarout is in #SolidarityWithKarim (#stolenphoto) #Syria #revolution #18thdecember

    Karim lost his left eye and his mother got killed in a massacre of 8 martyrs in that day. After that, Activists ha…

    The White Helmets, also known as the Syria Civil Defense, also tweeted their support. The group has worked throughout the war, rescuing people from the rubble left behind from airstrikes and bombings.

    متطوعوا الدفاع المدني متضامنون مع كريم الطفل كريم فقد عينه وكسرت جمجمته و استشهدت والدته بعد تعرّض منزل عائلته في…

    I'm in #solidaritywithkarim a syrian child two month-old, lost his eye and broke the skull of his head and lost his…

    As did UOSSM, the Union Of Medical Relief Organizations, which supports doctors in Syria.

    @uossmCan is in solidarity with Karim, A two-month-old Syrian Child who lost his eye, severely damaged his skull…

    Around 400,000 civilians live in East Ghouta, which has been under siege by government forces since 2012.

    Bassam Khabieh / Reuters

    Fighting in the area has intensified since mid-November, with international aid organizations warning of mounting civilian casualties as the siege reaches "critical point" for those trapped inside. Many of those still in the area are facing severe food and medicine shortages, with supplies unable to reach the besieged area.

    "Ordinary people are once again trapped in a situation where life slowly becomes impossible," Robert Mardini, the International Red Cross' Middle East director, said in a statement on Monday.

    Rose Troup Buchanan is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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