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LGBT Australians, Tell Us What You Think Of The ~Respectful Plebiscite~

The government says the plebiscite will be respectful, but is that possible?

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Hey there, LGBT Australians, how's it going? Sup? It's been quite a week, hey.

As you probably heard, we finally know what the government's proposed same-sex marriage plebiscite will look like.

Labor is set to block the vote, saying a marriage equality campaign would be too damaging to LGBT Aussies.

Malcolm Turnbull "has no idea of the harm this could inflict on so many people and their families", Labor leader Bill Shorten said on Wednesday.

But when introducing the plebiscite legislation the PM said it was disrespectful to everyday Australians to assume the debate can't be conducted in a responsible way.

"It is utterly wrong ... to characterise those people who do not believe the parliament should change the Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to be married ... as being homophobic ... as hating homosexuals," he said.

So what do LGBT Australians think? Please, tell us about your experiences living your life every day in Australia.

Are you treated with respect? Have you ever felt victimised because of your sexuality? Can the plebiscite ever really be respectful?

Tell us your stories in the comments below, chat to us on Twitter, or message us on Facebook. And don't worry, we can protect your identity if you'd like.

Rob Stott is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

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