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    Posted on Mar 6, 2014

    This PSA About Child Sexual Abuse Is Dark, Beautiful And Very Necessary

    It teaches children how to talk about the experiences they're told to keep secret. Trigger warning for sexual abuse.

    Childline is a Mumbai-based organization that exists to support Indian street children in distress.

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    It provides the country's first toll-free tele-helpline for street children. As of March 2013, Childline had serviced a total of 27 million calls, responding to incidents as varied as abuse, battery, and illness.

    A few months ago, Childline released a PSA called "Komal," which follows a 7 year old girl as her world goes from being innocent and perfect...

    To one of secrecy and abuse.

    As a child, she doesn't understand what "game" she is being made to play, but knows that it is "wrong" and "dirty."

    Her teacher notices a change in her demeanor...

    And a Childline volunteer is contacted.

    She uses diagrams and simple language to explain what constitutes sexual assault, and how children should respond to situations in which they are uncomfortable.

    The above graphic teaches children which zones on their body are "unsafe" for somebody else to touch.

    The short film clearly explains difficult concepts, and equips children with language and knowledge essential to their safety.

    The video was made as a PSA for teachers and parents to show their children, to initiate a conversation that has always been as difficult as it is necessary.

    View this video on YouTube

    Producer and writer Kireet Khurana said, of Komal, "We want the film to be the benchmark on Child Sexual abuse communication and be shown all over the country for many years to come." It was released in English as well as several Indian dialects.

    For more information about Childline, visit their website.

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