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    14 Things Burned Into The Memory Of Anyone Who's Broken A Bone Before

    S/O to your itch spoon.

    1. The first thing all cast wearers remember: how much of a complete struggle taking a bath or shower suddenly became.

    Twitter: @Cosmic_Unicorn

    Remember? You weren't allowed to get the cast wet, like, at all.

    2. So you had to get a little creative with plastic bags...

    Twitter: @jhonattasb_

    If you were lucky, you got a lil' shower seat to sit on.

    3. Everyone was always wanting to sign your cast.

    Twitter: @Quenguissima

    Which was mostly cool, but...

    4. Since everyone was always touching it, your cast got pretty gross fast.

    Also, someone would inevitably draw a dick on it.

    5. You were itchy ALL. THE. TIME.

    Twitter: @tiaoliva

    And if you didn't have your handy-dandy itch spoon, you don't know what you would have done.

    6. Sure, sometimes you got special treatment...

    Twitter: @Renan_Mind

    Especially at school.

    7. ...and you did your best to milk it.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    **literally lifted zero fingers to do anything**

    8. There were a few perks, like having a real reason to ride around on the mall scooters.

    Though TBH they always ended up being more of a hassle.

    9. Even if your friends had good intentions, sometimes they just made everything worse.

    "Please, guys, honestly don't give me a hand."

    10. Nothing was worse than being told to stay off your feet for a "few" weeks...

    You and daytime TV/video games got to know each other reaaaaal well.

    11. Except trying to write with a cast on your dominant hand.

    Twitter: @artkseokjin

    So. Helpless.

    12. Everyone was always asking to try out your crutches and do cool tricks with them...

    Twitter: @melgacogabi

    Even though yours were the best.

    13. And you lost count of how many times you had to explain ~what happened~.


    Them: "Did you jump out of a plane or something ha ha?"

    You: "dId yOu jUmP oUt oF a pLaNe?"

    14. And at the end, when it was time to take the cast off, you definitely got a tiny bit scared.

    Um, sorry, but this saw is going to go WHERE?

    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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