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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Jul 29, 2015

    15 Things That'll Make Working Out A Little Less Miserable

    Get faster and stronger without even realizing it.

    The motivation to work out doesn't come naturally to everyone.

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    But there *are* ways to pump up your fitness game and make those workouts fly by. 🚀


    Before you give up on fitness, try these alternatives and WERK. IT. OUT.

    1. Nike+ Running & Spotify (free, iOS) uses the power of music to push you to your limit.


    The Nike+ Running app recently added full access to Spotify. With the new music streaming integration, Nike+ Running can now build a playlist of 100 songs, based on your target pace and music preferences.

    The playlist is designed to push your pace, playing songs with increasingly faster beats per minute and challenging your feet to keep up. Get pumped with a music-powered run!

    The bad news? It's iOS-only for now. The good news? One week of free Spotify Premium for Nike+ runners.

    2. If you don't like Nike+, Spotify's (free, iOS, coming soon for Android) built-in running features are pretty great too.


    You select a genre of choice, start running, and Spotify will detect your tempo and play a song to match. You can jog as little as 140 strides per minute to as fast as 190.

    There are also special "Running Originals" tracks, made for Spotify by DJs, that automatically speed up or slow down in tempo, based on your pace.

    3. RockMyRun (free, iOS and Android) will help you reach your goals with high-energy mixes.


    This app is a great way to spice up your daily, ho-hum runs. Choose from RockMyRun's many high-energy mixes based on the tempo you want. If you're working toward a goal, like a faster 5K or a two-hour half-marathon, there are specific playlists that will build the tempo gradually, over the course of the race, so you'll move from 120 BPM to 140 BPM without even realizing!

    To unlock all of the mixes, you'll need to upgrade to a "Rockstar Membership" at $5/month or $36 per year.

    4. If you like to do different types of workouts, FitRadio (free, iOS, Android, Blackberry) is where it's at.

    Every beat-bumping mix is sorted by genre, beats per minute (BPM), and workout. From Tabata to Zumba, from country to hip-hop, there are thousands of DJ-curated playlists to choose from. Each mix has a consistent BPM so it won't take you to the next level, but you can simply switch to a mix with a higher, more challenging BPM (just don't overdo it).

    On the free tier, you get one genre, plus three to six additional mixes of various genres, all with ads. You can unlock all mixes, without ads, with a monthly or yearly subscription plan (ranges from $3 to $36).

    5. If all this talk of BPM is too confusing, TempoRun ($1, iOS) or Pace DJ (free, Android) might be more your speed.



    The apps analyze songs in your current music library and rates them. It's easy in Tempo Run — the songs are put on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 is a walk, 5 is a jog, and 10 is a sprint). Easy! So you pick and choose what song you want to play based on how fast you want to go.

    PaceDJ, on the other hand, allows you to set your target pace, then creates a mix based on your activity type and your speed. No work necessary.

    6. Use your favorite song to motivate yourself to sprint.

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    Hop on your bike at home or a local gym and turn up the volume on Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" or whatever track you can't get out of your head right now.

    When the chorus drops, push. those. PEDALS. Before you know it, you'll have crushed three Beyoncé songs! Find more fun non-running workouts here.

    7. These 10-minute workouts will have you dancing in between your reps.

    Jenny Chang / Sally Tamarkin / BuzzFeed

    Did you know that 120 to 145 BPM is the tempo sweet spot for exercise motivation? Here are five workouts with upbeat playlists that'll have you movin' and groovin' your way to getting fit.

    8. What about workouts that you can do in front of the TV??

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    That's right, there's a made-for-Netflix workout and it's right here. Every pushup, crunch, and scissor kick you can do right from your couch. After a weekend of marathons, you'll be so sore (in a good way).

    9. Speaking of TV, these made-for-TV workouts have you doing exercises like a drinking game!


    Shot – er, not There's one for Game of Thrones, Scandal, House of Cards, and many more here.

    10. The Walk ($3, iOS and Android) is an adventure app that will make you want to take the long way home.

    Via Facebook: walkgame

    This app is like listening to a fascinating podcast — except you have to keep walking to unlock new chapters. By the end of your walk, your heart will be thumping and you'll be itching to take more steps and get to the next episode.

    It's a story-based fitness challenge that'll keep track of your 500-mile audio journey. Just plug in your headphones and start moving to unlock the next chapter.

    11. Zombies, Run (free, iOS and Android) will have you running for your life.

    And if you REALLY want to get your heart rate going, try Zombies, Run! (from the same studio that made The Walk), which challenges you to outpace the living dead.

    The app includes more than 200 terrifying missions at the height of a near-future Zombie-pacalypse. As you rack up miles, you'll collect necessary supplies to build and defend your base.

    12. With (free, iOS, and Android coming soon), challenge friends to see who can cover the most ground.


    This competitive GPS-powered game places a grid over your city. As you run, you'll capture "turfs" and turn those grids blue. Invite your friends to play along and as they capture grids, rival turfs on your map will turn red. The app will help you discover new routes you never knew existed!

    13. Superhero Workout ($3, iOS and Android) trains you to save the world.

    You're a pilot defending Earth from alien invaders and must punch, mountain-climb, and power-squat to save our planet! Superhero Workout uses your device's front-facing camera to track your reps and calories. Its mix of rapid workouts and bodyweight exercises are also optimized for Apple TV, so it's just as easy to work out in front of a big screen.

    14. Ninja Fitness (free, iOS) will train you to be fast and strong, just like an old grandmaster.

    You'll be guided by a "legendary trainer," the very sassy Grandmaster Old Beard through the course of your practice, which will get progressively more difficult. Each workout is a combination of strength, cardio, and yoga, and as you complete workouts, you'll earn new outfits, armor, and weapons for your own 3D avatar ninja. His or her strength, agility, endurance, and zen points will increase with your own.

    15. Carrot Fit ($3, iOS) is the spunkiest trainer you'll ever meet.

    If negative reinforcement is more your thing, then this sassy app will whip your buns into shape fast. The app will give you "7 minutes in hell." As you finish each set, you'll earn rewards like cat facts and permission to watch your friend eat a bag of potato chips.

    Stick to whatever makes you feel good and, soon, you'll be leaving everyone else in the DUST.

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