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    14 YouTube Channels You Need To Know If You Want To Work Out For Free

    Everything you need if you want to get fit but don't want to spend money, leave your house, or put on a sports bra.

    1. Blogilates

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    Blogilates is one of the best known at-home workout YouTube channels. The host, Casey Ho, creates short routines that are super effective but rarely require any equipment, so you can just do them on the floor of your bedroom wearing nothing but your underwear.

    2. Millionaire Hoy

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    Millionaire Hoy not only creates brutal workouts, but entire workout schedules and monthly plans. All you have to do is follow along at home, and it's like having your own personal trainer.

    3. Bailey Brown

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    Bailey Brown's workouts are fun and include simple pilates-style moves that require minimal equipment (but maximum effort). She also uploads plenty of practical tips for living a healthy lifestyle – from debunking myths, to tips on always ordering healthy options at restaurants.

    4. Yoga with Adriene

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    Yoga with Adrienne is the biggest yoga account on youtube with over three million subscribers, and it's not hard to see why. She has hundreds of tutorials, all for different calibers, time restraints, and moods. If you want to start yoga, this is where you need to go.

    5. Alo Yoga

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    Alo Yoga produce classes from a diverse range of teachers, most of whom exclusively make Youtube content for Alo Yoga. Many of their flows are quite challenging but there are also plenty of beginners classes where every move is carefully explained and talked through, and the one above is a perfect place to start, even if you have absolutely no knowledge of yoga at all.

    6. Leigha Butler

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    This is best for those who want to get serious about yoga and to try some more challenging poses and flows. The classes tend to be longer, at about 40-50 minutes and with some very impressive inversions.

    7. FitnessBlender

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    Fitness Blender create the most no-nonsense, unpretentious workout videos there are. They're always filmed on plain white backgrounds, making it super easy to see what the instructor is doing and what the correct form should look like, and there are even countdowns to show many reps you have left and how many calories you're burning – making it all the easier for you to keep going.

    8. Popsugar fitness

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    Popsugar are yet another behemoth of the YouTube fitness world with over two million subscribers. The videos are very akin to '80s workouts; they're fun, smiley, and they usually involve several people working out. Plus, they often involve elements of dance – so these are perfect for anyone who can find workout routines to be a little boring.

    9. Tiffany Rothe Workouts

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    Tiffany Rothe's workouts are high energy and very intense, but it never feels like an endurance challenge because they're also always fun and set to great music. They're often really short, too, so if you have ten minutes to spare you can easily fit one in.

    10. Yoga by Candace

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    Candace has the most soothing voice imaginable, and her routines are perfect for building strength and endurance as she focuses on perfecting form and holding poses for a long time.

    11. Body Project

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    If you're looking for a truly intense workout and sore muscles the next day, this is where you need to go. The classes use elements of boxing to help you build strength, and the cardio means you'll be burning through calories and upping your stamina in no time.

    12. Love Sweat Fitness

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    Love Sweat Fitness are basically exactly what I imagine every Californian lifestyle is like – smoothies, perfectly coordinating workout clothes, plenty of sunshine, and boundless positive energy. All of this results in workout vides that are super motivating as well as aspirational.

    13. The Body Coach TV

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    The Body Coach is like having your own personal trainer, who also sounds like Russell Brand. You'll find entire day-by-day workout plans, at home workouts using as much or as little equipment as you want, and routines you can follow in the gym. This is particularly great if you're a total newbie who finds gyms a bit intimidating and you want to build up your confidence before joining one.

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