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    18 Things All Sufferers Of Period Boobs Will Understand

    They hurt like hell and feel a thousand times heavier, but at least they look good.

    1. Period boobs are a phenomenon that happens on a monthly basis that you're always, somehow, surprised by.

    2. It's when your boobs, after several weeks of just hanging out and being there, not causing much of a fuss, decide to make their presence known at EVERY GIVEN MOMENT.

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    3. Basically, these are your boobs on most of the time.

    Klagyivik / Getty Images

    4. And these are your boobs on your period.

    Andrew_mayovskyy / Getty Images

    5. You would enjoy having big boobs if it wasn't for the pain, feeling bloated, and all the other shit that comes with PMS.

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    It's hard to feel hot when you're sad and you've got the shits, no matter what your bra size.

    6. If you don't normally wear a bra, they'll force you to.


    7. Not only that, but they refuse to fit into your regular bras.

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    8. You might even have a second set of bras for this time of month.

    9. They ache all the time, for whatever reason.

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    Somehow they seem to weigh 4lbs more.

    10. Until you're actually praying for your period to start and for your boobs to go back to normal.

    11. And then, immediately after your period finishes, they magically deflate.

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    How do they have the power to do this????

    12. You've probably wondered a few times if there is something wrong with you.

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    Nope, it's just your hormones fucking with you.

    13. You've probably invested a fair amount into various remedies for it.

    Shout out to evening primrose oil.

    14. The pill either put a stop to this or gave you permanent period boobs.


    You're praying for the day the male contraceptive pill becomes available.

    15. You're genuinely shocked when people don't know when they're due because your boobs have been warning you about the inevitable red tide for weeks.

    16. But at least they make you better aware of your cycle.

    17. And, you know, at least this gives you a reason to actually always look forward to your period.

    18. Or they might be the one good thing about PMS.