19 Things You Should Know Before Trying An Indoor Cycling Class

    Get the most out of your ride with tips from the experts.

    1. You actually don't have to be that athletic to ~ride like the wind~.

    2. Make sure the gym or studio you pick has a type of cycling that you think you're going to enjoy.

    3. Classes with choreography can be super motivational and awesome, but they're not for everyone.

    4. Take classes from a few different instructors to find your favorites.

    5. Nom on some carbs (like fruit) about half an hour before getting on the bike.

    6. Drink water all day long, and bring a full bottle to sip on during recovery periods in your ride.

    7. Get the instructor to help you adjust your bike before class starts.

    Here's what to know about setting up your bike:

    8. Wear clothes that are fitted but let you move easily — and aren't a nightmare when you sweat.

    9. Know that you can totally go at your own pace at any time during the class.

    10. If you don't like loud music, pack some earplugs and book your bike strategically.

    11. Keep your eye on your posture whether you're seated or standing.

    When you're seated on the bike:

    When you're standing on the bike your form will be mostly the same, except:

    "Your weight should shift forward so that your shoulders are over the center of the front wheel," says McCrann, "and your butt is just in front of the 'nose' of your bike seat."

    But you don't want your butt to be too far forward (and trust me, when you're in the middle of a badass hill climb, it's hard to keep that form). "Stay right over the pedal strokes," says Eisenshtat.

    12. Do. Not. Bounce. If you feel yourself bouncing, turn up your resistance a little and maybe lower your seat.

    13. Protect your crotch: ~Be gentle~ when you sit back down in the saddle.

    14. Bring at least one towel with you on the bike.

    15. If the instructor's encouraging participation, join in the fun!

    16. Stay for the cooldown and the stretches.

    17. Don't feel pressure to socialize with others before or after class if that's just not your thing — or do.

    18. Speaking of showers: If your studio doesn't have one, consider packing a few baby wipes to rub yourself down with after class.

    19. If your goals include total-body strength, cycling will probably just be one part of your workout routine.

    Now get out, clip in, and freaking SLAYYYY!!!!!