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    I Could Barely Keep Myself Together After Hearing How Raunchy Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Get When They're Together

    You probably shouldn't watch this around kids.

    To celebrate the release of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart's new animated movie, DC League of Super-Pets...

    Two animated dogs, one wearing a Batman collar and cape, and the other wearing a Superman collar and cape

    ...we sat down with the superstars to take our BFF Test!

    Dwayne and Kevin sit on stools next to each other with a backdrop of skyscrapers behind them

    The real-life besties answered the questions the only way they knew how: by making fun of each other the entire time.

    Kevin reading from his phone while both of them laugh

    Things got hilariously raunchy extremely fast, but the fact that they share the same racy humor made things even more entertaining.

    Kevin smiling while a caption reads "Their childhood celebrity crush"

    Okay, that's enough buildup. Watch the video below to see how well Dwayne and Kevin really know each other:

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    And now you can take the test with your BFF! Tell us your score in the comments below.

    Bonus points if you can tell us how many times Dwayne and Kevin curse in the video!

    And be sure to check out DC League of Super-Pets when it hits theaters on July 29.