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    Oct 5, 2015

    People With Vaginas Are Really Tired Of Answering This Question

    *hands everyone an Anatomy 101 book* FYI: There is a drawing of a vagina in this post.

    We're gathered here today to put to rest a question that's been asked since the dawn of time.


    Just a second, sir, you can finish your noodles after we've answered this extremely concerning question that people have about the ~mysterious~ vagina.


    The issue, you ask? OK, here it is: Let's stop asking people with vaginas if they can pee with a tampon in.


    Yes, in the year 2015, folks are showing that they are largely clueless about reproductive organs.

    GUYS. In 2015, there is a man asking if women can pee while wearing a tampon.

    Should everyone be required to take Anatomy 101 again?

    A man asked how women pee with a tampon in on this same site. With all goddamn confidence

    How did we get here?

    What kind of dumb ass question is that? "Can women pee with a tampon in?" Duh. What the fuck. We don't pee out of our vaginas idiot.

    Oh my goodness.

    One time a man tried to tell me that women couldn't pee with a tampon in. He was so insistent that I finally just said "Okay, sure. SURE."

    It's out of control.

    I've had guys ask if we can pee with a tampon in....😑 you didn't have sex Ed obviously if you don't know the answer to that question

    This is how tampons and vaginas work together:


    The tampon is inserted into the vaginal opening. Keep in mind that this is not where pee comes from. We'll get to that next.

    But how does someone pee if they have a tampon in? Well, this is gonna blow your mind, people: Where you put a tampon and where you pee from are two different openings. / Via

    Humans urinate from the urethra, the duct that leads to the bladder. The graph above shows the urethral opening and the vaginal opening.

    Looking a bit closer at the graph, you'll see that the urethral opening is near the vicinity of the vaginal opening, but sits above it. So when it's time to pee, there wouldn't be a tampon obstructing the urine from flowing because it's a completely different hole.

    Mind blown, huh? That's all, folks!

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