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    A Complete Ranking Of The Best Places To Smoke Weed In The World

    A countdown of the top 25 countries to visit for the marijuana aficionado rated by legality, availability, and how sweet it would be to roll a fat joint there.

    25. North Korea

    24. Estonia

    23. Brazil

    22. Nepal

    21. Costa Rica

    20. Germany

    19. The United States

    18. Argentina

    17. Mexico

    16. Belgium

    15. Canada

    14. India

    13. Peru

    12. Colombia

    11. Czech Republic

    10. Croatia

    9. Chile

    8. Jamaica

    7. Ecuador

    6. Australia

    5. Portugal

    Portugal decriminalized drug possession for personal consumption in 2001, and instead of arresting drug users they are treated as addicts in need of medical help. Portugal has about 530 miles of sandy beaches on the Atlantic ocean, inviting you to take a swim.

    4. Switzerland

    3. The Netherlands

    Weed is considered de facto decriminalized based on the countries drug policy. Amsterdam is famous for its cafes that sell weed, so access is no problem, and the country is famous for having the world's largest flower garden, Keukenhof, so your senses will be happy too.

    2. Spain

    Spain decriminalized possession of two plants and allowed for the creation of cannabis co-ops. The country is the birthplace of artist Salvador Dalí and Barcelona is known for Antoni Gaudí's trippy architecture, so seems like a pretty fun place to visit.

    1. Uruguay