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    A Complete Ranking Of The Best Places To Smoke Weed In The World

    A countdown of the top 25 countries to visit for the marijuana aficionado rated by legality, availability, and how sweet it would be to roll a fat joint there.

    25. North Korea

    Kcna / Reuters

    You'd never guess it, but cannabis is not classified as a drug or regulated by the North Korean government and supposedly plants grow freely along the road. There is said to be no taboo against smoking weed, but still we put this on the bottom of our list for not being welcoming towards visitors.

    24. Estonia


    In Estonia they like homegrown herb, so this is a great place to visit if you prefer to buy local. Unfortunately possession of small amounts is considered a misdemeanor.

    23. Brazil

    AP Photo/Nelson Antoine

    Weed is technically illegal, but is tolerated in many places and a powerful legalize movement has grown in Brazil. It is said you can buy bud and hash in most of the city's beaches, bars and clubs, but to be discreet about where you smoke.

    22. Nepal

    AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha

    Marijuana and its derivatives, such as Hashish and Bhang, are widely available throughout Nepal and often part of religious events. In Kathmandu tourists will be offered hashish, but weed is not technically legal, so you might have to offer a bribe to police if caught with any.

    21. Costa Rica


    In Costa Rica marijuana is illegal, but is said to be easy to get and tolerated throughout the country. Who wouldn't want to get baked on this beach?

    20. Germany

    Flickr: 28misguidedsouls

    Marijuana laws are confusing in Germany, because they are not standardized, but since 1994 it has been legal to carry small amounts in most areas. In the northern cities of Hamburg and Berlin people smoke in the open and there is talk of opening coffee shops like those found in Amsterdam.

    19. The United States

    AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

    Weed is now legal in two states — Colorado and Washington — and may become legal in other parts of the U.S. especially since the majority of Americans now support legalization. Still marijuana is not legal in most of the country, so it can't be too high on this list.

    18. Argentina


    In 2009 Argentina ruled it was unconstitutional to punish personal use of marijuana, but it is not yet decriminalized. Much of the marijuana available in Argentina is smuggled from Paraguay, but many people grow their own as well.

    17. Mexico

    Stringer/Mexico / Reuters

    In 2009 Mexico decriminalized possession of up to five grams of Cannabis, but don't get caught with more or else the cops will get a bribe out of you. Mexico's climate is great for growing weed, so some of the bud is said to be very good.

    16. Belgium

    AP Photo/Peter Dejong, File

    Possession of up to five grams of marijuana by adults older than 18 is tolerated. Finding marijuana in Belgium is said to be easy and available in almost all its major cities including Brussels, Antwerpen, and Leuven.

    15. Canada

    AP Photo/ Detroit Free Press, Romain Blanquart

    The legal status of weed in Canada is in flux, so be careful, but basically you can find it all over the country. Vancouver is known to many as the cannabis capital of Canada and has an activist history that includes the political BC Marijuana Party.

    14. India

    Flickr: 7382319@N06

    Although technically illegal to posses, it's all good here: weed is used as part of Hindu rituals, grows wild, and is sold in shops as bhang, a lassi drink. The plant is also believed to have originated northwest of the Himalayas.

    13. Peru


    Possession of up to eight grams of cannabis is decriminalized here as long as you don't also possess another drug. It is said to be very easy to get bud in Lima and it would be mind-blowing to see Machu Picchu.

    12. Colombia

    LUIS ROBAYO/AFP / Getty Images

    In 2010 Colombia decriminalized possession of up to 20 grams of marijuana, but it remains illegal to grow or sell. Colombia's outdoor grown variety comes highly recommended and is said to be reasonably priced.

    11. Czech Republic


    In 2010, the Czech Republic decriminalized possession of up to 15 grams for personal use. Prague is Europe's leader in pot smoking and apparently you can ask your bartender for a joint.

    10. Croatia


    Starting in 2013, marijuana was decriminalized for personal use, but can still not be grown or sold. Croatia is home to the UNESCO world heritage site Diocletian's Palace and some of the most breath-taking coastal cities in the world.

    9. Chile

    Flickr: 29468339@N02

    In 2007 Chile decriminalized marijuana for private use. It can be found in city bars and beaches, making it easy to get high without having to climb to the top of one of these peaks.

    8. Jamaica

    AP Photo/David McFadden

    Cultivation and consumption is in fact illegal, but marijuana has long been associated with the country and is often sold openly. Despite the shaky status of the plant, there are ganja tours, where you smoke "so much ganja you'll be talking to Bob Marley himself."

    7. Ecuador


    Up to 20 grams of Cannabis for personal use grams has been decriminalized this year in Ecuador. The country is famous for its biodiversity, especially in the Galápagos Islands, where Charles Darwin came up with the foundation for his Theory of Evolution — and who knows what famous discovery you'll make?!

    6. Australia

    David Gray / Reuters

    Weed is decriminalized in several parts of Australia, but enforcement varies state to state. The country is known for its copious amounts of smoking and is said to have marijuana with the highest percentage of THC in the world.

    5. Portugal


    Portugal decriminalized drug possession for personal consumption in 2001, and instead of arresting drug users they are treated as addicts in need of medical help. Portugal has about 530 miles of sandy beaches on the Atlantic ocean, inviting you to take a swim.

    4. Switzerland


    Switzerland has fairly lax marijuana laws and it is legal to grow up to four plants in several regions. The country is gorgeous and famous for its cheese and chocolate — all of which go great with weed.

    3. The Netherlands

    AP Photo/Peter Dejong, File

    Weed is considered de facto decriminalized based on the countries drug policy. Amsterdam is famous for its cafes that sell weed, so access is no problem, and the country is famous for having the world's largest flower garden, Keukenhof, so your senses will be happy too.

    2. Spain

    Spain decriminalized possession of two plants and allowed for the creation of cannabis co-ops. The country is the birthplace of artist Salvador Dalí and Barcelona is known for Antoni Gaudí's trippy architecture, so seems like a pretty fun place to visit.

    1. Uruguay

    AP Photo/Matilde Campodonico, File

    Pot has long been legal in Uruguay, but the country is now pushing for a unique bill that allows the government total control over the entire marijuana industry. The government hopes to push traffickers out of the market by selling cannibas for $1 a gram, which would make it the world's most affordable weed.

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