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    Theresa May Was Pictured Sitting Alone At The EU Summit And Everyone Made The Same Joke

    "This is fine."

    People are sharing a picture of a lonely-looking Theresa May at a summit in Brussels as an example of how isolated Britain is during Brexit negotiations.

    The prime minister hoped to move talks on to discuss trade, but EU leaders said they were only willing to talk about it among themselves.

    Lots of people said the picture summed up May's experiences at the summit.

    Brexit summed up in just one picture by Theresa May in Brussels today

    TFW the job interview's over and you realise you totally fucked it

    One of these days, No10 will manage to come away from one of these summits without a picture of May on her own look…

    I genuinely thought this was a stock image representing absolute loneliness. But no. It's our Prime Minister in Bru…

    "Now all the other EU leaders are going out to play, you sit here and think about what you've fucking done"

    tfw ur friend is taking a pic and says ur not in it

    when your mum shouts dinners ready but its not actually ready so you're just sat there like

    Wait here. The headmistress will see you in a minute

    You'd think Theresa May would look happier sitting in front of Boris Johnson's enormous coffin.

    Here's Theresa May pictured with all her allies within the EU.

    This isn't the first time May has been seen looking a bit awkward at an EU summit. Last December a video showed her standing alone while other dignitaries greeted one another in Brussels.

    Oh CRINGE Theresa May has got no mates