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An MP Pretended To Be A Waiter In A Baffling Video Comparing Brexit To Chicken

Geraint Davies MP wants the triggering of Article 50 to be delayed, which he explains in a video by serving tripe instead of chicken to a woman in a "chicken restaurant". Obviously.

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A Labour MP has released a video in which he plays a waiter in a "chicken restaurant", in a bid to convince voters that the triggering of Article 50 needs to be delayed.

In the two-minute clip, Geraint Davies serves tripe to a young woman after she says she does not want to order chicken, then refuses to give her something else to eat even though tripe wasn't what she had ordered.

This, Davies argues at the end of the video, is what will happen to British people if Article 50 isn't delayed, and if the public does not get a vote on whether or not they agree with the deal the government gets from Brussels.

"The UK shouldn't be forced to leave the EU on terms nobody voted for. Therefore Article 50 should be delayed until after the people have had the final say by voting on whether to accept the terms of the deal or to stay in the EU on current terms," he explains. "The video is a creative expression of this basic point."

Here is the confusing video in all its glory:

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