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Now David Cameron Has Gone, Welsh Tory MPs Want Their Tower Back

After leaving Downing Street, Cameron's office was moved to the "Welsh Tower". Now he's gone, a group of Welsh Tory MPs are hoping they can move back in.

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When David Cameron announced he was stepping down as MP for Witney on Monday, pundits and politicos discussed his legacy and the speed of his downfall since the result of the EU referendum.

At the same time, a group of Tory staffers were excitedly texting each other about whether this meant that their MPs could get their office back.

After leaving Downing Street on 13 July, Cameron had to find a new office in the House of Commons and decided to move into a large one in St Stephen's Tower that was occupied by a group of four Welsh Tory MPs.

The office, nicknamed "the Welsh Tower", was well known and loved among the party as it held notoriously raucous summer and Christmas parties for MPs.

However, James Davies, Chris Davies, Byron Davies, Craig Williams, and their staff were promptly told to move after the former PM made his choice earlier in the summer.

"Well, they'd been requesting a hoover for ages because they thought the crumbs on the floor were attracting the mice who were in the office," a former Welsh Tory staffer told BuzzFeed News.

"So this woman showed up with a hoover and they thought the order had finally come through, but she told them that the PM had chosen to have this room and they had until end of play to clear out. And that the boxes were in the hall outside for them. And then that was basically it."

The four MPs packed their things and were redirected to several different offices, though "James Davies had a day hanging round Portcullis House until they found him somewhere".

Now Cameron is leaving the Commons after a mere two months as a backbencher, they are hoping to go back to their tower.

"We would like to move back in!" a staffer from James Davies' office excitedly told BuzzFeed News. "Whether it will happen is anyone's guess, but yes, we would love to move back in."

A staffer for Byron Davies sounded a bit less optimistic, saying "they want to move back but it's a matter for the authorities".

When BuzzFeed News contacted the whips' office to find out if the Welsh Tower would be going back to the Welsh MPs, they responded that it was a matter for the parliamentary accommodation team.

BuzzFeed News then contacted the accommodation team, who said: "Accommodation is a matter for the whips." When asked again, the whips' office said they didn't know what would happen at this stage.

Marie Le Conte is a politics and media reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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