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Labour Staff In Parliament Appear To Be Rowing About Labour With Pass-Agg Kitchen Notes

Why bicker about whose milk it is in the fridge when you can row about Jeremy Corbyn's leadership?

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Daniel Robert Tye, who works for the MP Sharon Hodgson and took the pictures, told BuzzFeed News: "It's a Labour floor – there are no other political parties on our floor. And we never get other MPs or staff from the Tories or others coming down to us."

The first note on the wall, which was not only printed but had several sentences highlighted, was a print-out of an article published by LabourList on Wednesday.

The writer, Mike McLaughlin, is a Labour activist who campaigned for the party in the Stockton council by-election, where the Tories recently won a seat with a 15% increase in their vote share. In the piece he warns that Jeremy Corbyn isn't popular on the doorstep.

That was why, according to McLaughlin, the Conservatives were able to gain a seat previously held by Labour.

However, evidently someone didn't agree with the points raised in McLaughlin's piece:

A second anonymous note argued that the Stockton council seat was in fact a marginal and previously held by the Tories until 2011.

The reason Labour lost the by-election, it says, is that it wasn't held at the same time as a general election, when Labour tends to do better in local elections.

And this is where the conversation ended: Tye said a third note asked everyone to please stop discussing party politics in the kitchen.

And here it is:

Tye agreed with the statement, adding: "It's things like this that make me wish we returned to days of passive-aggressive notes about washing-up liquid and sponges."

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