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Here's How Newspapers Around Europe Covered The Start Of Brexit

As Theresa May triggers Article 50 and officially starts the Brexit process, here is how newspapers around Europe reacted to the news.

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1. "London leaves the Union to jump into the unknown" – L'Echo, Belgium

"Theresa May triggers the process to begin Brexit negotiations"


2. "Those left rootless by Brexit" – La Croix, France

"Theresa May triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty today to start the process to leave the EU, leaving citizens worried"

La Croix

3. "Brexit: We miss you already!" – Libération, France

"Or do we... As London officially starts its exit from the EU on Wednesday, Libération imagines two scenarios, a dark one and a rosy one, for the future of the UK"


4. "Divorce hurts" – Frankfurter Allgemeine, Germany

Franffurter Allgemeine

5. "So that was it, the most British Europe" –, Netherlands

"The Brexit negotiations begin now. After the 'demolition', Europe becomes smaller."

6. "Brexit begins, but with no walls" – Corriere Della Serra, Italy

"No ceilings on migration from the EU, arrangements will be by sector"

Corriere Della Serra

7. "Today, London delivers the divorce papers" – Público, Portugal


8. "Theresa May starts Brexit" – El País, Spain

"London starts the process which will mark the future of Europe"

El País

9. "May signs the separation and puts an end to a 44-year-old link with the EU" – La Vanguardia, Spain

La Vanguardia

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