18 Hard Facts Proving You Need To Visit The Penis Museum

Quit dicking around already!

1. The museum curator, Hjörtur Gísli Sigurösson, is a second-generation phallogist who has dedicated his life to collecting penises.

He said in an interview that the museum was born from a joke.

2. The museum has obtained “legally certified gift tokens” for four human penises.

Pall Arason, who pledged his penis to the museum in 1996, died in 2011. His penis was put in formaldehyde, but it wasn’t properly preserved.

3. On display are 56 penises from 17 different kinds of whales.

Visitor responses are very punny.

“Guess somebody was #whale #endowed. #iceland #penismuseum”

4. The museum is just as funny as the visitors.

5. This walrus penis proves that whales aren’t the only well-endowed mammals.

6. You can get up close and personal with an elephant penis.

This thing is really, really big.

7. Apparently the security guards are on point.

Interesting #penis #fruitbowl? Tried stealing u this @Josshuauk but the #museum security was high!

— Shaz Carloss (@ShazCarloss)

8. They have an elf penis on display… anything’s possible?

Not sure if it’s stranger that they have this displayed or that there’s nothing in the jar.

9. Oh look, they cater to vegetarians too!

10. The museum also displays sculptures in honor of the 2008 Silver Medal-winning Icelandic handball team.

#Funfact: there is a mould of the penis of each player on Iceland's handball team @ the (1/only) Phallological Museum

— Jane Gerster (@Jane_Gerster)

11. Visitors can also find penis art hanging throughout the museum.

Like these bull scrotum lampshades, handcrafted by the museum curator.

12. They even have wooden sculptures.

Spent an unusual 1/2 hour in the Icelandic Phallological Museum with @diane_dingwall

— Dougie Dingwall (@DougieDing)

13. You can also see some truly hilarious artwork.

14. The gift shop has some excellent souvenirs perfect for any occasion.

15. American Tom Mitchell wants to donate his penis to the museum before he dies.

He plans to remove his stars and stripes-tattooed penis, nicknamed “Elmo,” in order to submit it to the museum. Tom said he wanted people “to know the largest and best one came from the States.”

Watch this documentary, perfectly titled The Final Member, to learn more about Tom and his hijinx.

16. You’ll also learn that Superman doesn’t need Viagra.

17. People from all over the globe come to visit.

Kirsty from England enjoyed the Phallological Museum:

— Chris Monk (@ChrisMonk)

18. Everything is phallic, even the doorknobs.

today I went in the Icelandic Phallological Museum with my mum and this is what the door handles look like

— XXYMYXX (@ultragold_)

Disgusting or fascinating — you’ve got to see it to decide.

Made it to the Icelandic Phallological Museum. Surprise! It was gross!

— Ally Hord (@hordie)

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