16 Acts Of Self-Care To Get You Through 2017

    Put on your oxygen mask and then assist others.

    1. Turn off your phone for a set amount of time.

    2. Sip a warm cozy beverage.

    3. Hug someone you love.

    4. Get a good night's sleep.

    5. Say something nice to a stranger or acquaintance.

    6. Meditate.

    7. Hang out with animals in person or look at cute pics of them online.

    8. Watch a movie, TV show, or read a book you love.

    9. Donate to a charity you care about.

    10. Take a walk.

    11. Listen to your favorite uplifting music.

    12. Write a gratitude list.

    13. Put on your favorite soft jammies.

    14. Sign up to volunteer for a nonprofit you care about sometime in the near future.

    15. Do something that makes you feel pampered, whether that's getting your nails done or simply taking a shower.

    16. And if all else fails, just wrap yourself in a blanket and give yourself some time to recharge.