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21 Cities That Were Made For Running

Trails and boardwalks and paths, oh my!

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what the best city for running is. Here's what you had to say:

1. Washington, D.C.

"I love jogging in Washington, D.C. by all the embassies in Dupont Circle. I then circle up into Georgetown and buy a ridiculously delicious pastry from Patisserie Poupon...which effectively cancels out my jog, but c'est ca vie." —Lucy Hesse, Facebook

2. Chicago

"Chicago! You can't beat its 18-mile lakefront path with well-spaced water fountains and beautiful Lake Michigan views. They even plow it for us in winter :-)." —Caitlin Chambers, Facebook

3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Albuquerque, New Mexico! There's a paved path that goes right alongside the Sandia Mountains for almost 10 miles, plus tons of beautiful trails in the foothills. And the high elevation is great for training!" —Lauren Bustmante, Facebook

4. Canberra, Australia

"Canberra, Australia! We have a beautiful lake, great scenery. So easy to go for a run anywhere you live in the city." —Jacqueline Abela, Facebook

5. Vancouver

"Vancouver. Run around Stanley Park. Or if you are up for a real challenge, do the Grouse Grind." —interitus

6. Philadelphia

"Philadelphia: We have the rocky steps!" —ThemysteriousXD

7. Bozeman, Montana

"Bozeman, Montana! Mountain trails that range in level of difficulty, back roads, or downtown. Mountain views everywhere you look! Best place hands down." —CallieM016

8. San Diego

"San Diego! The views from the La Jolla half marathon are AMAZING! Torrey Pines, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach boardwalk, Coronado — the list of beautiful running spots goes on and on." —katrinas490cf8b1d

9. Denver

"Denver's Cheesman Park has great mountain views and tons of winding pathways bordering the Denver Botanical Gardens, as well as several beautiful mansion homes. Others [prefer] the Cherry Creek Trail." —56765

10. Miami Beach

"Lummus Park has the nicest running path along the beach, and you might encounter a couple of Heat players every once in a while." —valenb

11. Portland, Oregon

"Beautiful city with miles of trails alongside the Willamette River. Multiple bridges for you to make loops and many hills for those who enjoy hills. Awesome running city." —rileyk493d4db26

12. Ottawa

"Along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa — beautiful view, great for running and biking!" —keiramaiak

13. Madison, Wisconsin

"Miles upon miles of great running trails for any setting — by a lake, in a forest, or downtown in the city." —malloryr49f8f2c02

14. San Francisco

"With Golden Gate Park, the panhandle, and big parks with plenty of stairs and great views in every neighborhood ... you always end up seeing beautiful things and the weather is always great for running! Never too hot, never too cold." —brittanycreed

15. Copenhagen

"Copenhagen for sure! The old-city feel plus the beautiful water views make runs in the winter and summer absolutely magical." —caterinen

16. Memphis

"Memphis, Tennessee. Have you seen Shelby Farms? Best trails to run on."

—Samantha Fong, Facebook

17. Richmond, Virginia

"Richmond, Virginia, hands down. Not only are there plenty of trails by the James River and Canal Walk, but Monument Avenue is made for runners — we even have a 10K named for it." —hannahl41e3144a2

18. Tacoma, Washington

"It has the second biggest in city park in the country and is surrounded by waterfront trails. There are pedestrian trails that go through natural parks and safe trails throughout the city ... There's even a trail that goes over the Puget Sound's Narrows Bridge." —elizabethw47f2bb978

19. Tampa, Florida

"Tampa, Florida. You can run outside all year along the bay on a continuous sidewalk." —clarer45d3c107e

20. Minneapolis

"Minneapolis, Minnesota! Always fun to run around the various lakes in the heart of the city!" —micheleb10

21. Boston

"Yes, I'm completely biased, but a run along the Charles River in Boston near sunset in late September/early October can make the laziest person in the world enjoy running." —Bryant Oliveira, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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