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    Mads Mikkelsen Explained Why He Thinks Method Acting Is "Bullsh*t," And I Gotta Say, Points Were Made

    "Am I impressed that you didn't drop character?"

    Method acting is an immersive form of acting that, truthfully, means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

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    Some may think it's a brilliant way to get a one-of-a-kind performance — while others might think that it's pretentious and encourages bad behavior on set. Guess which side Mads Mikkelsen is on?

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    "It's bullshit," the actor — who currently appears in Fantastic Beasts: the Secrets of Dumbledore — told GQ UK when asked what he thought of Method acting in general.

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    Mads' main gripe with Method acting is that the "preparation" involved with, say, staying in character for an entire production can be taken to the point of "insanity."

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    "What if it’s a shit film — what do you think you achieved?" he asked rhetorically. "Am I impressed that you didn’t drop character? You should have dropped it from the beginning!"

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    He continued, "How do you prepare for a serial killer? You gonna spend two years checking it out?”

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    Mads went on to mock the critical adulation that Method performances regularly receive — and I have to admit, he's not wrong!

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    "The media goes, ‘Oh my god, he took it so seriously, therefore he must be fantastic; let’s give him an award,’" he said. "Then that’s the talk, and everybody knows about it, and it becomes a thing.”

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    Mads isn't the only actor to recently give Method acting the thumbs-down. Will Poulter (whom you've seen in movies like We're the Millers) also recently said the practice "shouldn’t be used as an excuse for inappropriate behavior — and it definitely has."

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    Will speaking out against Method acting turn out to be a trend in celebrity interviews? We'll see!