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These Powerful Photos Challenge The Stereotypes People Fight Every Day

"We can either continue to use our differences to divide us, or we can define our identities for ourselves." NSFW: The photos in this series include nudity.

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"To me, this is a very significant part of the process," Renner told BuzzFeed. "Because they have to be completely present with themselves publicly in their own skin. When shooting groups together, this is definitely a palpable unifying moment."

"We can either continue to use our differences to divide us, or we can unite on the basis of our shared experiences, respect the impact of those experiences, and define our identities for ourselves."

The photographer hopes her participants have the "chance to unite, to bring light to their experiences through raw personhood, and to define their identities for themselves despite what society has put upon them."

"I’d also like to offer my viewers the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences with being labeled and give them the chance to see the world with renewed periphery," Renner told BuzzFeed.

"Despite the general open-mindedness of the individuals I was surrounded by, I instantly began to notice shifts in how I was being addressed in conversation as a result of this relationship."

"I didn’t feel as though I’d suddenly morphed into a different person," she said. "On the contrary, I felt like the same person I had always been who was now giving myself the space to explore a side of my being that had always existed."