All The Boho Wedding Inspiration You Could Possibly Need

Everything from hair to dresses to shoes and invites. Even gifts and decor. Boho bride here you come…

2. You can be a boho bride in an instant with a floral crown.

3. Whether you choose to have your hair up or down.

4. Or wear it to the side.

5. Otherwise just add some flowers to your locks. / Via Grace Loves Lace

7. Plaits and flowers are the perfect combination.

9. Or try an alternative accessory to make you stand out.

We love this Juliet head cap from DolorisPetunia.

10. From veils.

12. To headpieces.

Like this one from GraceLovesLace.

14. No matter how intricate.

17. Or no need to have any accessories at all.

21. Opt for some pretty lace for your boho look.


Laura De Sagazan, Ruiz dress.

24. Or go for a stand out and daring beach boho look.


Grace Loves Lace, Hollie dress.

25. Or something shorter.

Delphine Manivet, Allon overdress and short Désiré dress.

27. Bell sleeves automatically give you a boho edge.


28. As do off-the-shoulder numbers.


Grace Loves Lace, Josee dress.

30. But it’s mainly about feeling relaxed.


Rime Arodaky. Skirt: India. Top: Keith.

31. And effortlessly beautiful.


Anna Campbell made to measure designs.

32. With pretty detailing.


BHLDN, Sian Gown.

33. And more daring choices away from traditional gowns.

Lihi Hod.

35. Like a crop top and skirt combo.

Daughters of Simone, Caterina.

37. Or maybe even try out some colour.

Like this one from LotusVintageNY.

38. Overall, comfort and effortless is key.

Rue De Seine.

39. Adding to the free spirited feel, you may want some flat shoes.

We love these handmade ones from BlingStyle.

You can buy these ones here.

41. Or maybe no shoes at all.

ArtOfAccessory has a selection of barefoot sandals.

Or if you fancy a special treat, try these cuffs.

44. You may want to try something completely different.

Buy these wedding boots from here.

45. Or still stand tall.

Try here.

For bigger budgets you can buy these shoes.

These are better for the purse strings.

48. Naked wedding cakes say it best of all.

50. Even when they’re chocolate.

51. And especially when covered in shrubbery.

52. Or you can dress up a simple cake with colour.

53. And flowers.

55. Fruit is a perfect boho option, too.

58. As are macaroons.

59. Or why not try an authentic French wedding cake?

60. How about a passport?

Kimberley Dadds /

61. Or a luggage tag if you like the travel theme.

62. Or keep it simple with a postcard.

64. Make it special with a wooden invite.

65. Or keep it intricate.

66. You can’t go wrong with rustic lace.

67. Or why not turn it into a festival lanyard?

68. From rustic lavender soaps.

70. And boho style sweets.

71. There’s so many perfect options to choose from.

72. You can double a fan up into a wedding favour.

73. Or give them something to grow and remember you by.

74. You can personalise rocks, particularly good for a beach boho wedding.

75. Or tie a corkscrew keyring into your vineyard theme.

76. There’s edible options.

77. And useful pretty keepsakes.

78. Such as these nautical lavender bags.

79. It’s all in the details. So maybe offer some “dancing shoes” in the form of flip flops.

80. And add some shabby chic signs.

82. Bunting will instantly add a personal touch.

83. As will pom poms.

84. While floral boho archways are to die for.

86. Or even better – go original with a door frame setting.

87. You might like an alternative guest book. We love these finger print trees.

89. Then there’s the name places.

90. And don’t forget the bridesmaid gifts. We love these from JBExclusivesBridal.

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.