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    13 Very Important Dog Questions, Answered With Science

    Prepare to be heartbroken, guys.

    Have you ever wondered what's going on inside your dog's head?

    We asked our colleagues for their pressing canine questions, and then put them to dog expert and author of In Defence of Dogs (Penguin, 2011) John Bradshaw to get some answers. Here's what he told us.

    1. "Do dogs get sad when their owners go to work and they're at home alone?"

    2. "Is there a scientific reason why puppies do that head tilt thing?"

    3. "Do working dogs like guide dogs get stressed at work?"

    4. "Can dogs really die if they eat too much chocolate?"

    5. "Can dogs really sense earthquakes?"

    6. "Why do dogs wag their tail when excited?"

    7. "Why is my dog's nose always wet?"

    8. "Why do dogs circle around loads of times before they decide to sit down?"

    9. "Why do dogs sometimes bury their treats?"

    10. "How much information do dogs get by sniffing other dogs’ butts?"

    11. "My dog seems to know when my partner is almost home and goes to stand by the door. How? Are dogs psychic?"

    12. "Are dogs ever really sad or happy? Or are we just projecting our own emotions on them?"

    13. "Can dogs understand human feelings?"