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    21 Facts The World Found Out In March

    It was a busy month for scientists. Featuring a new type of cloud, new fossils showing early life on Earth, and stegosauruses in Australia.

    1. It looks like life on Earth existed in deep sea thermal vents as far back as 3.77 billion years ago.

    2. Stegosauruses lived in Australia too.

    3. If ocean temperatures keep rising, coral bleaching is just going to get worse.

    4. A new type of cloud that looks a bit like a rough sea has been officially recognised. It's called asperitas.

    5. There's a giant deep-sea octopus called Haliphron atlanticus and it likes to eat jellyfish.

    6. The sex of a type of fish called a sea lamprey might be determined based on how fast it grows when it's a larva.

    7. It looks like we've been classifying dinosaurs wrong this whole time.

    8. It's possible to create a tiny female reproductive system in a dish (in case you were wondering).

    9. Scientists have finally figured out how to heat up (a very small amount of) cryogenically frozen tissue.

    10. Saturn's moon Titan might be covered in electrified sand dunes.

    11. Saturn's other moon Enceladus might have got its tiger stripes after a giant rock crashed into it, punching through the 20km-thick layer of ice over its ocean.

    12. Huge, planet-sized ripples called Rossby waves that we already know exist on Earth have been spotted on the sun.

    13. The two moons of Mars – Phobos and Deimos – might have formed when something big collided with the planet.

    14. It turns out that it is scientifically possible to make a wine bottle that doesn't drip.

    15. A small study showed that the brains of some blind people have structural differences to those of sighted people, associated with hearing, smell, and touch.

    16. The Barnes Ice Cap, the last remaining bit of North America's ice sheet, will probably have totally melted away in a few hundred years.

    17. This is what a landslide looks like on a comet.

    18. There's a newly discovered species of crab in Hong Kong that can climb trees.

    19. Spiders eat between 400 and 800 million tons of insects per year.

    20. Laughter appears to be contagious in parrots.

    21. When tardigrades go into suspended animation, they fill their body with a glass-like substance.