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    8 Terrifying Things That Will Put Your Life Into Perspective

    Hold on tight, we're in for a bumpy ride.

    1. At some point soon, Earth's magnetic poles will flip, and compasses will point south instead of north.

    2. Within a million years, at least one nearby star will explode in a supernova.

    3. In a billion years Earth will get so hot the oceans will evaporate.

    4. In 4 billion years, the Andromeda galaxy will collide with the Milky Way.

    5. In about 7 billion years, the sun will expand and engulf Mercury, Venus, and possibly Earth, too.

    6. In about 8 billion years, the sun will become a white dwarf.

    7. In 100 billion years, the only stars you'd be able to see from Earth will be in Milkomeda.

    8. Eventually, there won't be enough hydrogen in the universe to form any new stars at all.