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17 Picture Tweets That Prove Ducks Are Pretty Great

I need an emotional support duck tbh.

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1. This smooth duck just going with the flow.

Me: what's cooler than the ability to fly? Duck:

2. And this even smoother duck.

You think you've seen cool ducks? You've seen nothing.

3. This duck who knows how to accessorise.

4. This shoe-wearing emotional support duck named Daniel.

My seatmate, CLT➡️AVL, is this handsome duck named Daniel. His gentle quacking eases the sadness of leaving #SFA16.

5. Who likes to pass the time on flights by looking out of the window.

Daniel, the duck on my flight, likes to look at the clouds.

6. This apparently very speedy duck.

7. This duckling who knows bread is better used as a raft than as food.

Someone threw some bread in the water for the ducks but the little duckling thought it would make a good raft!

8. This adventure duck.

Out training and spring-watching all at once. Met this little Mandarin duckling out on the Thames @BBCSpringwatch

9. These cygnets who don't care whose way they get in napping on the path.

Outrageously adorable cygnets taking a nap on the wildside path

10. These ducks who know where they came from.

Your periodic reminder that birds are dinosaurs

11. This duck named Chauncey on a night out.

You know it's a good night when you run into a man with a pet duck!

12. This duck that just misses splashing about in the pond so would like to join you in the shower.

You aren't cool until you've owned a duck. My college stories will forever top everyone else's. #college #petduck

13. This duck who looks great in black tie, and knows it.

14. This duck out for a walk.

New saying: "I'm as happy as a man with two dogs in his pockets walking a duck wearing shoes "

15. This duckling doing totally normal duck things, like typing on a keyboard.

Getting ready for my first official interview @BBCNWT #PancakeTheDuck

16. This duck who's reclaiming the name Donald.

Say hello to Donald, our 2 day old duckling! 💛

17. And finally, this impostor that really, really wants to be a duck.

of course I am duck, throw bread, quack or whatever ok

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