59 Signs You Went To School In The South

…school’s a’comin, ya hear?

1. So you went to school in the South, huh?

2. Maybe a silly question, sure.

3. Are you blonde?

4. Do you get flustered when you run out of camo and/or red, white & blue clothing?

5. Are you at the Country Club right now?

6. Well, there’s more to Southern colleges than that — here’s how you know for sure.

7. The girls act like Southern Belles…

8. The guys are all modest, Southern gentlemen.

9. You celebrate all four Seasons: Easter, Seersucker, Football and Christmas.

10. Wait, did you say football season?

14. Hold on — you’re NOT in the SEC…?

17. Everybody’s pretty equally bad at driving…

18. …but honestly, who cares.

19. That’s why we’ve got NASCAR.

20. And yes, it is our National past time.

21. And yeah, our accents are kind of thick.

22. …but seriously.

23. Sometimes, you accidentally say “Yes, ma’am” — Even though you’re a full grown woman

24. …and if you’re NOT from the South, and the accidental “Y’all” slips…

26. Looking cool at the gym is a right of passage.

27. So you strut in like:

28. And you leave like:

29. And you quickly realize:

30. Yes, you drink more than most other schools.

31. You aren’t afraid of a keg stand or two.

32. Or to drink Fireball straight from the bottle.

33. In fact, you generally downright demand it.

34. You’re in a committed relationship with Bojangles.

35. …And Chic-Fil-A.

36. …And Waffle House.

37. …Okay, maybe you’re just committed to anything chicken.

38. …which may have something to do with your soaring cholesterol.

39. And don’t forget the endless Sweet Tea.

40. Oh, did I mention Greek Life?

41. On campus, there are Greeks…

42. …Athletes…

43. …And there are haters.

44. But mostly Greeks.

45. Greek or not. Your campus is annoyingly attractive.

47. Can’t really argue with that.

48. No one has a clue what to do when it snows.

49. Really, what is snow?


52. Just kidding. Only one flake.

53. But… School’s closed anyway!

54. You take at LEAST two hours to get ready on any given day…

55. And you probably could never donate any of your clothes, since they’re all monogrammed…

56. But you’ll take any excuse to get dolled up.

57. Tailgates…

58. …the closest horse race…

59. …or your favorite frat party.

60. Where you walk in like:

61. And once you realize there’s not a single soul there you like:

62. But the best excuse to dress up? Halloween.

63. “I guess I won’t wear Lilly today.”

64. You have at least one group of friends who dressed as Duck Dynasty…

65. And at least one girl friend who was Honey Boo Boo.

66. But then… there’s actual college.

69. Going to class?

70. It’s pretty low priority.

71. Whether your academics are hard…

72. …or easy…

73. Southern Colleges just know how to have fun.

74. So cheers to you, belles and gents — And don’t change a damn thing.

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