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51 Clothing Organization Tips That Are Downright Life-Changing

No sweater, shoe, or pair of jeans out of place.

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6. Assign different seasons of clothes different color hangers in your closet.

Green for winter, blue for spring, and so on, so that you can easily shift your wardrobe in and out each season.

22. Repurpose bathroom hardware to create a DIY jewelry rack

A towel rack and hooks make a handy way to hang up necklaces and store your bracelets, without them getting tangled up in a jewelry box. Find out how to do it here.

51. Love your pretty heels? Display (and organize 'em) with a picture rail shoe rack.

To do: Line the walls of a walk-in closet, bedroom, dressing area with picture-rail molding. You can buy pre-primed pieces and have them cut to fit your space at the store. Paint the molding to match your wall, or paint it in a neat contrast color for a bold accent to your space.