18 Scottish Nationalists Who Reacted Really Badly To J.K. Rowling Opposing Independence

It’s fair to say they’re not happy. (NSFW language)

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has just come out against Scottish independence. When these Scottish nationalists heard the news they took to Twitter.

Some didn’t take it too well.

1. Bullying the author’s fictional characters was a surprisingly popular response.

2. Particular anger was reserved for Harry Potter himself.

3. Binning Harry Potter books was the order of the day, apparently.


4. There was a lot of swearing.

5. Some of it quite inventive.

J K Rowling ya better together smelly horrible unite the union cow bag arsehole cunt ye

— Ciarán Thomson (@ciaranthomson_)
Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

7. Others kept their insults simple.

Fuck off jk rowling

— Dillon (@DILL0NTAYL0R)

8. Some suggested a better use for her donation to the Better Together campaign.

How much food banks could you have helped @jk_rowling instead you've backed the rich you are a disgrace

— Blair Knapp (@KnappBlair)

9. Others questioned her integrity.

Wonder if jk rowling would be backing the no campaign if she was still on the bones of her arse? Or was she always a cunt? ££££££ #YES

— Yes (@malkybhoy67)

10. There were gendered insults…

Fuck you JK Rowling you whore

— Jason Campbell (@jcampbell1888)

11. …accusations of Toryism…

JK Rowling can get herself to fuck, politically corrupt as she & her rich Tory friends try to influence gimpy Harry Potter fans #VoteYes

— NimmO (@nimmo1985)

12. …and plain indifference.

Carlo Allegri / Reuters / Reuters

Jk Rowling should just shut the fuck up ☺️

— MichaelTierney (@JohnnyMarr__)

14. There were angry former fans…

I quite liked J K Rowling being the creator of Harry Potter & that but she can take her self to fuck with her better together Pish #VOTEAYE

— Tracey-Anne McDonald (@TraceyMacx)

15. …and longtime critics.

always hated harry potter. fuck you JK Rowling

— Eve (@_everobertson)

16. Others preferred to resort to fire.


17. Even charities got in on the act.

What a #bitch after we gave her shelter in our city when she was a single mum. http://t.co/6hYglHV2sk

— The Dignity Project (@DignityProject)

18. Basically, they were very angry.

@BBCNews the cunt/traitor list is growing

— JayMick (@JayMick1781)

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