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21 Truly Shocking Things Jeremy Corbyn Did In 2015

The Labour leader has come under a lot of attacks during the last year but here are his absolutely most gobsmacking moments.

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1. INSISTED on singing "Happy Birthday" to a woman whose home was damaged during the Cumbrian floods.

Jeremy Corbyn sings Happy Birthday to an emotional Liz Fitton, whose home in Cockermouth was flooded out

2. BOTHERED people in a shopping centre by spending Christmas collecting money for refugees.

Jeremy Corbyn spent his Saturday in a santa hat raising money for refugees

3. READ surreptitious and dangerous publications.

2nd month running I'm mentioned on front page of Rail Magazine. Great read on way back from @EastMidsLabour #EMlab15

4. SHOWED a dangerous and disturbing interest in drains.

Jeremy Corbyn collects pictures of cast iron man hole covers. That's genuinely brilliant.

5. MADE these people sit next him holding a large marrow.

Jonathan Brady / PA

6. SPENT his first hour as Labour party leader in a pub with his campaign team.

Corbyn standing on impromptu stage in pub.

7. INSISTED on helping the children of his internal Labour critics with their school project.

A huge thanks to @jeremycorbyn for helping my kids today with their school newspaper story.

8. FORCED people in Nottingham to stand in the rain because too many people turned up to hear him speak.

The "Unelectable" Jeremy Corbyn is Packing em In in Nottingham! Policies Not Personalities Wins the Day! #VoteCorbyn

9. JOINED an unsuspecting person's hen party.

Me and Jezza plus one of comrade Corbyn addressing the hen do. He was a big hit.

10. FOUND his way to the top of people's Christmas trees.

Instagram: @cora_esther

11. HELPED a woman in a wheelchair from the stage at the Labour conference when she got stuck.

View this video on YouTube

12. IMPOSED his face on a young supporter's tattooed back.

13. ENTERTAINED children by taking the time to perform "Incy Wincy Spider" with them.

I'm not convinced @jeremycorbyn knows all the words to Incy Wincy spider but good effort on the actions!

14. TRIED to bring back the Avril Lavigne look.

Why is Jeremy Corbyn dressed like an extra from the Sk8er Boi video?

15. UNCOMPROMISINGLY stared at people who disagree with him.

16. CAUSED disturbing thoughts among many people.

Instagram: @sophielia

17. DARED to drink Irn-Bru on a trip to Scotland.

Kezia Dugdale

18. CHOSE to go to a pro-refugee protest within hours of becoming Labour leader.

BBC News

19. HUGGED Labour MP Jim McMahon after the party's victory in the Oldham West by-election.

Gareth Fuller / PA Wire/PA Images

20. STAYED behind after the Remembrance Day commemoration to talk to veterans.

A pic you won't see in papers: Corbyn remained in the crowd after laying the wreath to applaud the veterans' march.

21. CELEBRATED Christmas as leader of the Labour party.

Instagram: @zoeivmist

Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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