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The Daily Mail Asked A Big Question And Everyone Took The Piss

Great moments in our history call for great memes.

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The Daily Mail posed a big question on its Thursday front page: Who will speak for England?

Daily Mail

In a lengthy front-page comment article the paper attacked David Cameron's attempts to renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU ahead of the forthcoming referendum on whether Britain should remain a member of the organisation.

Inevitably, the internet bypassed the editorial and started to answer the Daily Mail's question: Who will speak for England?

People felt pretty certain they had a good idea...

Was it the cat bin lady who would speak for England?


The Chuckle Brothers?

This dog?

Ronnie Pickering?

Inevitably the biggest question of our age took over Twitter.


And everyone had an opinion.


Michael Portillo using a hairdryer on a chicken?


The only choice for #whowillspeakforengland


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