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    This UKIP "We're Not Racist" Closet Is Absolutely Amazing

    We went to UKIP's Doncaster conference and you'll never believe what happened next. Involves a small toy closet.

    This is the utterly astonishing No Closet Racists cabinet creation at UKIP's annual conference in Doncaster.

    The internet loved it when we posted this Vine earlier. So BuzzFeed News went along to talk to the closet's creator. The interview went a bit like this:

    BuzzFeed News: Could I ask your name?

    Him: Herbert Crossman. But only sometimes!

    BuzzFeed News: Er, pardon?

    Him: Cross... Man! But only sometimes. CROSS. MAN.

    BuzzFeed News: ...

    Him: HA HA!

    This is Crossman's creation. It cost him £10.

    Jim Waterson / BuzzFeed

    Why did you make this, Herbert?

    "I pick up these ideas, me and Jeremy who work on it. UKIP has been made to look like idiots and clowns and jokes but we're not. We're serious people.

    "I was looking for an idea. I found this in a charity shop and my neighbour made it up for me. I paid £10 for it and had the base made.

    "These people have called us names when they should have been saving the country, getting us out of Europe, and working to save this great nation that we've got."

    So there's no racists in the UKIP closet?

    "There is nothing in the closet."

    Crossman is a former Lib Dem councillor who is looking to stand as a UKIP MP.

    "We have to have humour," he told BuzzFeed News. "The world's a very unbalanced place at the moment but what sends people off chuckling at Labour's downfall is that they have no one with a sense of humour.

    "All we're saying is: we are clean, we are open to debate, we're not closet racists, we've not fruitcakes, we're not clowns. What we are is wanting to get the people united to save this nation.

    "I'm 66 years old and I have to protect this country for my grandchildren's future. I'm to blame if I can't protect them."

    Crossman also wears this amazing LED badge.

    We look forward to him running for parliament.

    We've now found out more about Herbert Crossman. Thanks to a Metro article titled "Upside down man in ‘fat cat’ rage", we learned he hung himself upside down in Trafalgar Square for two hours in 2008 to protest against pretty much everything. Amazing.

    Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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