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This Pro-Corbyn Account Was Tricked Into Sharing Sarcastic Quotes About Corbyn

It's just a matter of perception.

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To celebrate a year since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, the popular pro-Corbyn Twitter account @JeremyCorbyn4PM has been sharing quotes from members of the public using the #1YearOfJeremy hashtag.

It's always nice to hear the concerns and questions of real people. #1YearOfJeremy

Supporters of Corbyn were invited to tweet their memories of the Labour leader, with the best made into graphics to support his leadership campaign.

This particular graphic was based on a tweet by journalist Laura Marcus.

The way he totally took #Cameron apart at PMQs week after week after weak. #1yearofJeremy

Unfortunately, no one on the campaign checked whether Marcus was sincere.

@JeremyCorbyn4PM Are you sure that wasn't a sarcastic one?

@JeremyCorbyn4PM you've been had Jezza.


She didn't even spell all the "week"s correctly. Her other tweets using the hashtag revealed her real view of the Labour leader.

Consolidated Labour into opposition forever. Shown himself to be narcissistic, vain, stupid, thick and utterly useless. #1yearofJeremy

For taking Leicester to victory in the premiership last season #1yearofJeremy

For spearheading legislation through parliament and keeping his party together. #1yearofJeremy

For the he fought and fought and fought for the UK to Remain in the EU. #1yearofJeremy


Marcus, who quit the party over Corbyn's approach to anti-Semitism, says she was baffled that anyone could sincerely praise the Labour leader's performance at PMQs.

"He clearly doesn’t take anyone apart," she said.

She also said she was bothered that the leader struggles with humour: "I don’t think Corbyn’s ever told a joke in his life. You should be always able to take the piss out of himself because it shows a self-awareness. Blair used to kill it every single week [at PMQs], because he was funny."

Marcus, who does not have a vote in the leadership election but wants Owen Smith to win, said also that she was saddened by Twitter accounts parodying the Momentum organisation getting shut down.

“You’ve got to be able to have the piss taken out of you. It’s a worry if these people end up in power, because a very important part of British nature is the ability to laugh – it gets us through the hard times. I wasn’t hurting anyone.

“The best way sometimes to make your point is to make the opposite. They take it so seriously."

In short, one person's sarcasm is another person's political endorsement. And the Labour party is still tearing itself to shreds.


This story originally referred to the @JeremyCorbyn4PM account as the official Twitter account of Jeremy Corbyn's 2016 Labour leadership campaign. According to a spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn's 2016 Labour leadership campaign it is actually the official account of Jeremy Corbyn's 2015 Labour leadership campaign. The account was later switched to unofficial status and run by supporters. It was superseded by a different official Twitter account in time for Jeremy Corbyn's 2016 Labour leadership campaign.

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