28 Deeply Bizarre Things I Saw At UKIP's Annual Conference

    UKIP's great and good have gathered in Doncaster to plot their assault on Westminster. Here's what we found.

    DONCASTER – UKIP's party conference is like nothing else. So BuzzFeed News set out to find as many bizarre things within the first 30 minutes of arriving at the conference as we could. Think of it as "Nigel's supermarket sweep".

    1. There was this Christian Soldiers for UKIP poster.

    2. This UKIP orb of anti-federalist future.


    Look, you don't get that at Labour.

    3. This mug.

    4. This swivel-eyed David Cameron mascot.


    5. This UKIP necklace.

    6. This...no idea.

    7. This calendar.

    8. This postpeg for all UKIP members who are into pegging.

    9. What's better than a UKIP lanyard? This UKIP diamante-encrusted lanyard.

    10. These cufflinks.

    11. Even this William Hague memorial baseball cap series.

    12. And this £1 bargain bin filled with UKIP-branded ladies' neckscarves and a DVD of Channel 4's Sri Lanka's Killing Fields documentary.

    13. Pretty much every party member is wearing one of these.

    14. There's this signed picture of Margaret Thatcher.

    15. This book entitled Henry VIII: Tudor Serial Killer by UKIP's London MEP.

    16. There's Neil and Christine Hamilton.

    17. This Damp Rag Herman Van Rompuy tea towel.

    18. The chance to win a gold sovereign. A whole gold sovereign.

    19. This PUNISHED FOR BELIEVING IN MARRIAGE anti-same-sex-marriage flyer.

    PUNISHED FOR BELIEVING IN MARRIAGE: Cornish B&B owner who doesn't like same-sex couples, UKIP conference highlight.

    20. This UKIP Scotland stall, stuffed with Irn-Bru and Tunnock's tea cakes.

    21. This specially commissioned UKIP closet.


    "There are no racists inside or outside this closet." A true labour of love.

    (UPDATE: Everyone loved this so much BuzzFeed News went and interviewed the owner.)

    22. This attack on David Cameron for daring to touch cigarette packets.

    23. This picture of Sharleen Spiteri from Texas on the wall, watching over things.

    24. These UKIP tax discs for every car window.

    25. This anti-EU teddy bear.

    26. This brave display making a stand in favour of powerful vacuums that have been BANNED BY THE EU despite the wishes of honest-born Britons.

    27. This amazing LED badge.


    28. And these UKIP fruitcakes.