"Trump Is Right" Posters At British Anti-Islamism March

    The Donald comes to the UK political scene.

    British anti-Islamism campaigners held "Trump Is Right" banners as they marched in Birmingham on Saturday, as part of a protest by the relaunched Pegida UK organisation.

    Trump, who is running for the US Republican nomination, has called for all Muslims to be banned from travelling to the US until the country "can figure out what is going on". Banners were printed with his face and a link to the Pegida UK website.

    The march attracted the support of around 200 people, including Tommy Robinson, a former leader of the far-right English Defence League organisation who has returned to prominence with the Pegida group.

    #Trump #PegidaUK #Birmingham #Pegida

    One man holding a "Trump Is Right" poster at the march was wearing an "Enoch Powell Was Right" T-shirt, a reference to the anti-immigration former Conservative MP who made the infamous "Rivers of Blood" speech in 1968 attacking high levels of immigration and anti-discrimination legislation.

    Pegida UK is the British arm of the populist German anti-Islamism movement. Other banners featured at the event suggested the European Union imported left wing voters, rape, and murder and said "Nazism = Islamism".

    Last month parliament held a debate on whether to ban Trump from the UK due to his views. No vote was held but MPs largely attacked his comments and described him as a “fool”, a “buffoon”, and a “wazzock”.