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These Refugees In UKIP's Anti-EU Poster Are Actually In Slovenia

"Within a few years all of these people will have EU passports," said UKIP leader Nigel Farage at the launch of his latest poster.

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UKIP has unveiled its latest anti-EU poster, showing a line of refugees under the words "Breaking Point".

Nigel Farage said the European Union was at "breaking point" and that governments were no longer able to defend borders.

Fresh from taking on Bob Geldof on the Thames, the UKIP leader insisted the only way to cut down on immigration was to vote Leave, or the people in the picture would soon be able to come to the UK.

The picture in question was taken in Slovenia last year, nowhere close to the British border.

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It shows hundreds of migrants being escorted to Brezice refugee camp after crossing from Croatia into Slovenia.

"Every one of these can get to Calais," the UKIP leader claimed. "We know how bad our government is at defending our borders, and within a few years all of these people will have EU passports."

The poster prompted attacks from Remain campaigners, who suggested it was racist.

Funny how the prominent white dude gets blocked out of the poster. 🤔


Some drew comparisons with Nazi propaganda.

Your new poster resembles outright Nazi propaganda, @Nigel_Farage. Thanks to @brendanjharkin for pointing it out.

Other Remain campaigners queued up to criticise it.

UKIP "Breaking Point" poster condemned as "disgusting" by @thomasbrake , @YvetteCooperMP @CarolineLucas Damian Green MP

This is disgusting.

But a fleet of 10 vans were hired to drive around London displaying the UKIP poster, as polls suggested British voters are more likely to base their referendum vote on concerns about immigration.

'@UKIP's new billboard being paraded through London! #VoteLeave and take back control of our borders! #EURef

According to the latest Ipsos-MORI poll, which gives Leave campaign a lead of 53% to 47%, immigration has now replaced the economy as the most important factor to British voters in the EU referendum.

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