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    19 Labour Supporters Who Have Been Called Tories During The Leadership Vote

    Everyone in the party is fighting each other. And there is no worse insult than "T***".

    During the Labour leadership campaign large swaths of the party membership who aren't called "Jeremy Corbyn" have been branded Tories by fellow activists on social media.


    Labour MPs and supporters who are deemed not sufficiently left-wing are branded with the worst four-letter word in the Labour lexicon: "Tory". Almost no one has escaped this attack, from former party leaders to MPs and strategists.

    1. As a result we've seen leadership contender and lifelong Labour supporter Andy Burnham branded a Tory.

    Be really sick if we end up with Andy Burnham on 2nd preferences! Basically Scouse Miliband offering more of the same Tory Lite! #wato

    Burnham backs welfare cuts and says party too soft on the work shy via @MailOnline HES A TORY PLANT NOT LABOUR AT ALL

    @dinosaurblue Andy Burnham is a toe the party line tory lite cop out instead

    2. Yvette Cooper, a former minister in the Blair and Brown governments, has been exposed by activists as a massive Tory.

    Yvette Cooper is a Tory. No way is she electable. Just a supporter of #MI5 spying on socialists like Jeremy Corbyn.

    3. Labour leadership contender Liz Kendall, a Labour member for several decades, is so much of a Tory that people don't even know where to turn.

    *tory* Liz Kendall has right wing media on her side&she still trails last in lab leader race. Does this mean most folk can see through her?

    Liz Kendall is kicking herself (not too hard now) she spent all these years in the wrong party. "Why didn't someone tell me I was a Tory?"

    4. In fact, basically all the Labour leadership candidates are TORY, to the extent that the word is starting to lose its meaning.


    5. Neil Kinnock, who led the Labour party into two elections before seeing his son became a Labour MP, is definitely a Tory for supporting Andy Burnham.

    @Ironwand @MailOnline Kinnock the closet Tory.

    6. Three-time Labour prime minister Tony Blair is so much of a Tory he doesn't even begin to register any more.

    Tony Blair was an ineffective Tory puppet he condemns Corbyn to secure and vindicate the privileged life style he stole from labour voters

    It would just make sense for Kendall, Burnham and Cooper etc to go and join the Tory party! The words left wing scares them shirtless!

    7. It's quite easy to check: If a Labour member has ever served in a Labour government then they are a Tory. On this logic former Tory Blair adviser John McTernan is a lost cause to Labour and has been a massive Tory for years.

    John McTernan is a mendicant Tory lapdog for War Criminal Tony Blair.

    8. Alastair Campbell, who led communications for Tony Blair, is also a Tory for opposing Corbyn.

    @campbellclaret @MrDundridge he'll do far better than you ever could. go join the Tories

    9. Deputy Labour leader candidate Stella Creasy is definitely a Tory on disability policy.

    @ChrisForLabour @archiesimpson13 Stella Creasy is pure Tory when it comes to disability she follows Tory line of Care based single benefits

    10. Labour MP Simon Danczuk is apparently more Tory than Jacob Rees-Mogg twiddling a cigar while deciding where to place his scale model of Margaret Thatcher.

    Will Simon Danczuk do the honourable thing and re-stand as Tory in a by-election ? No, but he might be forced to... #VoteCorbyn

    Danczuk will do & say anything for a bit of publicity. needs to grow up or join Tories

    @SimonDanczuk why don't you join the Tories ya cunt

    11. Interim Labour party leader and veteran MP Harriet Harman – who once hid her baby from Margaret Thatcher – might as well quit the party and join the Tories.


    12. Former TV presenter and Labour stalwart Gloria De Piero might as well go and just join the Tories if she's going to support Liz Kendall for party leader.

    @GloriaDePiero @andyburnhammp if you’re voting for Liz, why not go the whole way and just join the Tory party?

    13. Longstanding Labour MP Mike Gapes is peak Tory.

    @MikeGapes @GaryMerseybox @DAaronovitch then walk the floor Mike, walk the floor to the other side.

    (Even if he denies it.)

    Why should I. I've been Labour since 68. I'm not leaving I will stay and fight. You will have to expel me.

    14. Ivan Lewis, a Labour MP since 1997, is definitely a Tory.

    @IvanLewis_MP Bevan, Attlee would be embarrassed by you...and rightly so. Why not simply join the Tories..?

    15. Barrow Labour MP John Woodcock is definitely a Tory.

    @JWoodcockMP Fuck off to the tory party, you fucking traitor. #toryScum

    16. Toby Perkins, Labour MP for Chesterfield, is a Tory by association.

    @tobyperkinsmp Why are you supporting that Tory liz Kendall? We don't want any1 with extreme views in the labour party

    17. Everyone involved in winning the 1997 general election for Labour: peak Tory.

    @Bonn1eGreer @y_alibhai @mrjamesob Anyone who thinks Blair, Campbell or Mandelson views count,should join Tory party. 3 stooges irrelevant

    18. The Times' Labour-supporting columnist and former Blair aide Philip Collins is peak Tory.

    @PCollinsTimes Yes but you're a smug tory hack

    19. And finally The Guardian has been outed as a Tory paper for supporting Yvette Cooper rather than Corbyn.

    The Guardian backed Yvette Cooper, wow just wow, calls itself a "left wing paper" yet backs a Tory in Red, fucking joke of a country.

    It's been a long time coming.

    Sorry @guardian but your support for Tory Lite Cooper means I will now solely buy @M_Star_Online Like Labour, you too have lost your way.

    H/T to @Carlgardner who spotted several of these tweets.


    Bonus Tory.


    .@JohnRentoul @MichaelPDeacon peak Toryism has arrived! Now #corbyn's just another true blue Thatcher lover #labour

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