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This Is The New Pro-EU "Votin" Campaign Designed To Win Over Young People

The Stronger In campaign wants you "ravin", "workin", and "earnin". And also registerin and rememberin to votin.

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This is the new pro-EU campaign designed to attract young voters.

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The official Stronger In campaign shared the video and posters with BuzzFeed News ahead of its launch. The campaign has decided to completely strip all official logos from the material – as well as the letter "g" – in favour of a "completely unique look and tone" to showcase "how young people benefit from the EU and how EU membership is vital for jobs, the NHS, travelling and studying abroad, keeping prices down and protecting the environment".

“The campaign talks to young people as young people, cutting jargon and cliché and replacing them with irreverence and the odd joke," said Scott Townsin, one of the designers at venturethree responsible for the adverts. "It's obvious. It's loud. But we felt for this audience it had to be. With the less ‘official’ style, you get a slight ‘us and them’, anti-establishment feel."

It's all backed by education minister Sam Gyimah MP who said "the easyJet generation" and the ones who "ealise what it means to be in Europe, and what is at risk if we walk away".

It's also endorsed by Josh Tapper from Gogglebox.

Downing Street is concerned that large numbers of young voters – who are far more likely to vote Remain – aren't aware they have to register to vote by 7 June if they want to take part in the referendum. These ads and the accompanying website, pro-EU campaigners hope, will go some way to fixing this.

Here are the posters to accompany the advertising campaign:

They want you "makin".

Stronger In

They want you "chillin".

Stronger In

And they want you "mixin".

Stronger In

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