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Now 52% Of Scots Say They'll Vote Against Independence

Alex Salmond and the Yes Scotland campaign now have to fight their way back into the campaign.

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The latest poll on Scottish independence shows the No side returning to the lead, in a blow for the independence campaign.

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The poll by YouGov for The Times and The Sun gave a 52% lead for No against 48% for Yes among Scots who have made up their mind and are certain to vote.

YouGov's previous poll, published on Sunday, showed Yes take the lead for the first time in the campaign, causing complete panic as the Westminster government realised that, yes, independence could actually happen.

But Yes campaigners' hopes of maintaining that momentum have been hit by tonight's poll, which shows No return to the lead. The research was carried between Tuesday and Thursday, during which time Gordon Brown fronted an offer of further devolution if Scotland remains in the union and all three major party leaders made last-minute trips to the country in the hope of keeping the UK together.

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