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Nick Clegg Just Flew Across A Valley On A Zipwire Because It's Election Time

The deputy prime minister took a campaign break outside Exeter. Just for pleasure.

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An insight into what goes on the Lib Dem #battlebus with @paddyashdown #GE2015


So, on Wednesday afternoon, as the bus rolled down from Wiltshire to Cornwall, the deputy prime minister and his team decided to throw themselves off trees.

They kindly invited the half-dozen travelling journalists, including BuzzFeed News, to join them at an assault-course thing in trees that goes by the name of GoApe. We were told that this is "a break from the campaign on a day when we're in the middle of a three-day visit to seven constituencies".

It was also quite a lot of fun, potentially up there with the visit to the hedgehog sanctuary earlier in the campaign.


Sadly no mobile phones or filming were allowed, so you'll just have to watch this clip of one of the zipwires and imagine Nick Clegg being pursued down it by BuzzFeed News.

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In short, it's not every day you get to see the deputy prime minister gleefully jump into a 40ft void before landing arse-first in a pile of woodchips.

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