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Liz Kendall Sat Down At A Computer And Accidentally Became A Meme

What is the Labour leadership contender staring at?

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Naturally people started to wonder what the Blairite candidate was really thinking about. And lo, a meme was born.


Was it a reminder of better times?

Or a more menacing thing?

Perhaps she was indulging in some basic coding?

Or just practising the basics?


Kendall may just be spending her evenings indulging in vintage gaming.

Is it a hunky young Andy Burnham with a curtains haircut that has caught her eye?

Or perhaps a chunky Balustrade Lanyard?

Maybe she's just delighted with that fire tweet she just sent.

When you're mildly pleased with a tweet you wrote


Or staring at the misfortunes of previous Labour leaders.

Or studying the errors made by previous Labour MPs when dealing with ordinary people.

Cute pictures of Soviet dogs on Reddit?

This may have been involved.

But in all likelihood is was probably those pictures of George Osborne and Andy Burnham with long hair that did it.

Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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