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This Is The Tories' Brutal Attack On Jeremy Corbyn

It's about to get vicious.

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The Conservatives have wasted no time getting out their first attacks on new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.


This email went out to hundreds of thousands of people on the Conservatives' mailing list within hours of Corbyn winning the Labour leadership election on Saturday. It's all part of the Tories' attempt to portray Corbyn as a risky choice who poses a threat to the security of ordinary Britain.

The Tories have spent the summer building dossiers on what Corbyn has said or done in the past, all in anticipation of his victory. This is their opening attack.


It highlights multiple quotes designed to discredit Corbyn in the eyes of the general public. Some of them are from television interviews during the campaign and some are from Corbyn's policy documents. Others are sourced directly from hustings – potentially by Conservative moles attending Corbyn's public events, as happened last week in Nuneaton.


The Conservatives have largely left Corbyn alone during the summer, holding back their attacks until now.

Now it's going to get really vicious and you can expect to hear the line about Corbyn posing a threat to "your family's security" again and again in the next few weeks.

You'll hear it from the official party sources...

Labour are now a serious risk to our nation’s security, our economy’s security and your family’s security'll see it from Tory ministers on Twitter...

It is now #Conservatives who stand for the majority of people in this country who want a better, brighter, prosperous and secure Britain. the newspapers...

Michael Fallon (THE DEFENCE SECRETARY) provides first official Tory reax - emphasising Corbyn's "security" risk

...and on the radio.

Priti Patel repeats Fallon's statement about Labour now being a threat to national security and families, word for word. No10 memo prepared.

The next party election broadcasts are going to resemble something out of Protect and Survive. #labourleadership

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