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This Is What Andy Burnham Looked Like As A Teenager

The Labour leadership contender exposes his haircut for your entertainment.

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The picture was included in an eight-minute film released by Burnham's campaign which aims to portray him as an authentic man, including interviews with his family.

Andy Burnham

During the film Burnham's wife Marie-France van Heel remembers how she first encountered the future politician.

"I met him on my first day at university," she muses. "With the long hair and the good looks... and the monobrow."

Van Heel goes on to insist that one of the first things Burnham said to her was that he wanted to be an MP, despite Burnham repeatedly positioning himself as the anti-Westminster candidate during this leadership election.

Burnham, who is currently second favourite behind Jeremy Corbyn to take the job of party leader, also published other pictures of himself as a child growing up with his brothers in the northwest of England.

But all anyone really wants to know about is the haircut photo, which appears to have been taken at some point during the late 1980s or early 1990s.

When you've picked your dance partner and the DJ drops "She Sells Sanctuary"


There's the question of whether early Primal Scream were an influence.

So @andyburnhammp. I've been trying to work out the inspiration for that haircut. And then it came to me! #loaded

There's the similarity to other politicians' hair at the time.

George Osborne and Andy Burnham basically had the same haircut in the early 1990s.

And there's enthusiasm from notable backers.

If @andyburnhammp can change that haircut he can change Britain! He's the party leader we need

The full Andy Burnham video is here:

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