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The Green Party's New Advert Is Completely Astonishing

An exclusive BuzzFeed News first look at the Green party's new film, which will be shown on TV on Thursday night. Eat your heart out, One Direction.

This is the Green party's new political broadcast, which mocks the leaders of the UK's other parties for all being the same. Through the medium of a boyband parody.

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It starts with "David Cameron" at a piano.

Then he's joined by "Nick", "Nigel", and "Ed", all dressed alike.


Then they're all sitting around looking quite posh.


Basically, the Green Party message is "they're all the same".


And then the song is cut. To a direct pitch down the camera to voters on behalf of the Green Party of England and Wales.

The video is the culmination of nearly six months' work by the party.

"We started planning in November for this broadcast," said Mark Cridge, the Green Party's management coordinator. "It was a paid-for piece of work but we had a lot of people who were very generous with their time.

"It clearly demonstrates how all the main parties are singing to the same hymn sheet and only the Greens doing something different."

Cridge insisted that there's still a place for big budget TV political party broadcasts, even when the Greens are doing well on social media: "There's key moments within a campaign and the election broadcast is one of them. They really help shape other activity that goes on around it. There's the online seeding of it, the online chat around it, then the hit on the TV with a different audience."

The film will be broadcast on Thursday night at 5.55pm on BBC2.

And the Greens are letting people download the track in return for handing over their email address to the party.