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Downing Street Launched A Website Setting Out Its Post-Brexit Plans And It Immediately Broke

"The page isn't working."

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The policy-heavy website contains details of Theresa May's vision of our post-Brexit future.

The only problem was that the website immediately broke and fell off the internet, with people looking for details of Britain's post-EU future met with warnings about failed technology and an inability to make contact with the outside world.

Some people felt criticism of the website was unfair whining from Remain voters.

People need to stop talking this website down and start making a success of it.


While others felt there was a subtle message.

"Error 503 first byte timeout means error 503 first byte timeout"

Part of the problem may be the decision to host the website in California rather than using traditional British internet providers. is hosted in…California. At least it's not in Europe, I guess.

A Downing Street spokesperson said they were looking into what had gone wrong with the Plan for Britain.

The plan for britain site is working fine, you just need to add it to your hosts file The people have spoken. Down with crooked nameservers!

Until it gets fixed, there's absolutely no way we'll know the government's detailed plans for Brexit.

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