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David Cameron Has Given A Job To Just About Every Female Tory MP He Could Give A Job To

The problem is there just aren't that many of them.

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Well over half of female Conservative MPs have now had government jobs since 2010, as David Cameron attempts to promote women to positions of influence and show he has reformed his party.

While Cameron is keen to promote women, he is limited by the fact that there are just 48 women among the party's 303 MPs.

Of these 48 female MPs, there are now 22 with government jobs, ranging from cabinet positions to entry level parliamentary private secretary positions.

And a further seven female Tory MPs – including former cabinet ministers Caroline Spelman, Cheryl Gillan, and Maria Miller – have had government jobs during this parliament but have since either been sacked or quit.

This means that as things stand there are just 19 serving female Conservative MPs who have not served in the coalition government at some level.

Well over half of the remaining 19 could never be considered for government job. They include the handful of female Tory MPs who regularly rebel or speak out against the government, such as Nadine Dorries.

Another female Conservative MP is a deputy speaker, two more chair select committees, and three have already announced their intention to step down at the next election.

This means there are probably fewer than 10 female Conservative MPs who can be considered to have missed out on a chance of being in government.

In short, if you're a female Tory MP who loyally votes with the party and Cameron hasn't given you a government job by the end of this parliament, then you're doing something very, very wrong.

Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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