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People Are Putting Jeremy Corbyn On Top Of Their Christmas Tree

Happy #Jezmas.

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1. It's Christmas, which everyone knows is traditionally a time for eating mince pies, arguing with your racist uncle, and placing images of Labour leaders atop festive trees.

Instagram: @peekaboophotography

2. For thousands of years, ordinary folk have marked mid-winter with a celebration of the promised coming of a man known by the initials "J.C."

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3. Adherents to this particular belief ritually place a tree in their home and decorate it with symbols of their hallowed saviour.

4. This year, in keeping with tradition, men and women throughout the UK are hoisting small models of their bearded leader to the top of their tree.

Instagram: @cora_esther

5. Some like to knit their own mannequins of the man who they believe will lead them to salvation.

My Xmas @jeremycorbyn is finished & on my tree! 😁 thanks @KatrinaStiff for selling your pattern! #Corbyn #crochet

6. Others are taking it to a whole new level by knitting dozens of mini representations to adorn an entire tree.

7. One person even beatified their JC, and bestowed angel status upon him.

Instagram: @laurenlouiserogers

8. Sadly, in some areas the ancient tradition of sticking a homemade Jeremy Corbyn on top of your Christmas tree has become commercialised. People even purchase mass produced off-the-shelf Corbyn decorations.

Instagram: @itssoniaomg

9. As a result, the same Corbyn image stares out from the branches of trees all over the country.

10. Happily, some people still stick to the traditional ways.

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12. There's only one rule: If you want to celebrate a Very Happy Jezmas, you have to remember to stick your Corbyn at the top of the tree.

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Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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