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    99 Clever Ways To Transform A Boring Dresser

    You have 99 problems but a dresser ain't one. Anymore.

    Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    1. Paint a tribute to Warhol

    Instructions here.

    2. Add fabric to the sides of the drawers

    3. Cover the drawers with faux wood paneling

    See how here.

    4. Use lace to re-cover the drawers

    DIY here.

    5. Paint stripes (even on laminate)

    6. Use stenciled letters to mark a special occasion

    7. Or your favorite song

    8. Or a tribute to your favorite city

    Instructions here.

    9. Turn the whole thing into a train car

    Instructions here.

    10. Add card-catalog pulls as handles

    See how they did it here. Get the pulls here.

    11. Add a Herringbone Accent

    See how here.

    12. Use spray-painted toys as handles

    13. Or half a plastic toy

    DIY here.

    14. Get a weathered look with milk paint and wax

    15. Bling it up with metallic paint

    16. Go bold with painted drawers

    Instructions here.

    17. Use reverse stenciling to highlight natural wood

    18. Add decals in any design

    Instructions here.

    19. Add a geometric pattern to the top

    20. Use shutters for a textured herringbone pattern

    21. Replace the drawers with baskets!11

    Instructions here. h/t Bob Vila

    22. Cover the drawers with maps

    23. Or do both

    DIY here.

    24. Ombre...

    See how here.

    25. ...Ombre...

    26. ...Ombre!

    Works on every shape and size. See this DIY here.

    27. Use magnetic paint

    28. Use wood stain in various colors

    29. Use paint to copy this Dorothy Draper design

    30. Stripe all the way around it

    Instructions here.

    31. Use stripes in every direction

    32. Wrap it in newspaper

    IKEA / Via

    DIY here.

    33. Stencil on some scallops

    34. Paint on some intricate faux scrollwork

    35. Cover the top in gift wrap

    Easy to add, easy to remove. See how here.

    36. Add a touch of leather

    37. Add a 'stache (or three)

    38. Paint on an optical illusion

    Martha shows you how here.

    39. Add bold graphic circles

    See it here. (Site in Portuguese).

    40. Or triangles

    41. Use nailheads as giant labels

    42. Use a paint pen to make a cross-stitch pattern

    43. Reverse stencil on a sea creature

    Instructions here.

    44. Or something else seaworthy

    Tutorial here.

    45. DIY a bone-inlay design

    46. Outline the dresser in nailheads

    47. Cover it with silver leaf

    48. Add depth with paint-outlined drawers

    49. Use Sharpie to stencil on some French flair

    50. Or scribble on some fun words

    51. Add gold brackets for a campaign look

    52. Use wood icing to add texture

    Instructions here.

    53. Give it some nautical stripes

    54. Replace drawer pulls with rope

    55. Use house numbers for pulls

    DIY here.

    56. Add casters

    57. Screw on some MegaBlocks

    Idea here.

    58. Add vinyl letters

    See how here.

    59. Give it a pattern and a monogram

    Instructions here.

    60. Carry a stenciled design onto the top

    61. Add molding in fun shapes!4

    See how here.

    62. Get rid of the drawers

    From here.

    63. Use the drawers as a bookshelf

    64. Go crazy with colorful paint

    See more here.

    65. Add a little leopard

    Instructions here.

    66. Add pretty graphic drawer liners!8

    See how here.

    67. Paint the inside a contrasting color

    See examples here.

    68. Mix and match patterns

    Inspiration here.

    69. Add door-knocker handles

    DIY here.

    70. Glue on colored pencils

    71. Paint on some waves

    72. Use leather for DIY pulls

    Instructions here.

    73. Cover the drawers with tile

    74. Add mirrors on all sides

    See how they did it here.

    75. Paint on a Union Jack

    See how here.

    76. Personalize with a blown-up family photo

    77. Or a colorful poster

    DIY here.

    78. Add new mid-century modern legs

    79. Glue on some antique yardsticks

    80. Cover it with multicolored wooden shims

    81. Let the paint drip

    82. Make drawers into the world's biggest Legos

    Inspiration here.

    83. Use fabric or paint for a faux-mosaic look

    84. Add a gilded diamond

    Instructions here.

    85. Create a mosaic with cracked mirror

    As long as you're not superstitious. Instructions here.

    86. Decoupage with botanical prints

    Inspiration here.

    87. Or use handles to create faux suitcase drawers

    Tutorial here.

    88. Replace drawers with mismatched suitcases

    89. Add a clean chevron to a rustic frame

    90. Add chalkboard paint for easy labeling

    Scott Hawkins /

    See how here.

    91. Add vertical stripes with geometric stencils

    Get the stencils here.

    92. Cover it with sheet music

    93. Add a DIY concrete top

    Instructions here.

    94. Use nailheads for a DIY swirl design

    They used chalk to draw the design on first.

    95. Use PVC pipe to make a modern design

    96. Paint a fun geometric pattern

    97. Add a Greek key design

    98. Modge podge many family photos

    See how here.

    99. Give it some graffiti

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