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    82 Reasons Why "The Office's" Michael Scott Was The World's Best Boss

    For seven seasons, Michael Scott led The Office proudly, inappropriately and without common sense. Here are 82 reasons why Michael Scott was the World's Best Boss.

    1. He taught us how to express our feelings.

    2. He communicated well.

    3. He was wise beyond his years.

    4. He taught us about conservation.

    5. He knew how to relate to young people.

    6. He scolded us for our choices.

    7. He taught us about racism.

    8. He embraced his subordinates.

    9. He taught us about second, second chances.

    10. He was financially savvy.

    11. He showed us what real SWAG is.

    12. He made the workplace fun.

    13. He understood us...

    14. He taught us how to avoid plagiarism.

    15. He managed his employees with grace.

    16. He was productive.

    17. He knew why being rich wasn't all it's cracked out to be.

    18. He was empathetic.

    19. He gave great constructive criticism.

    20. He never tried too hard.

    21. He was completely open about his beliefs.

    22. He never blamed anyone.

    23. He knew what happiness was.

    24. He taught us about relationships.

    25. He knew how to show his love for other people.

    26. He taught us how to download music.

    27. He was great at time management.

    28. He explained physics to us.

    29. He understood that life is unfair.

    30. He celebrated Jesus.

    31. He was honest with his employees.

    32. He estimated himself.

    33. He faced his problems head on.

    34. He explained the importance of equality.

    35. He never lied.

    36. He was a business guru.

    37. He taught us to think twice before choosing a username.

    38. He always raised the bar.

    39. He was understanding of other people's differences.

    40. He taught us how to use acronyms.

    41. He was a YouTube sensation.

    42. He calmed us down.

    43. He was always gifted.

    44. He knew how to talk to people of all races.

    45. He was health conscious.

    46. He never let us give up on ourselves.

    47. He asked the important questions.

    48. He knew how high he could fly.

    49. He knew how to recruit the best employees.

    50. He made himself very clear.

    51. He accurately defined "Joke."

    52. He made sure we accomplished our goals.

    53. He explained why work is better than prison.

    54. He shared his regrets with us.

    55. He couldn't be fooled.

    56. He gave the best answers.

    57. He was a part of the group.

    58. He was the best researcher.

    59. He blurred the lines of homophobia.

    60. He knew how to be a friend.

    61. He stood up against criminals.

    62. He did nothing to anyone for any reason, ever.

    63. He taught us the perfect way to start our day.

    64. He ran a no-nonsense office.

    65. He knew how to handle his female employees.

    66. He cared about the environment.

    67. He always tried.

    68. He kept an eye on his employees.

    69. He delegated responsibilities with ease.

    70. He ended collared segregation in the workplace.

    71. He was politically correct.

    72. He appreciated nature.

    73. He knew how to enforce a dress code.

    74. He saw the silver lining in everything.

    75. He knew all about the finer things in life.

    76. He always knew what to do.

    77. He was human.

    78. He explained what makes an adult, an adult.

    79. He made simple requests.

    80. He taught us that stereotypes are wrong.

    81. He never overreacted.

    82. And somehow he managed.