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18 Things That Only Make Sense If You And Your Best Friend Love To Annoy Each Other

The best feeling is finding a new way to gross them out.

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3. And finding out a new way to gross each other out is just the best.

You know your friends when you can put your feet on them like this and they just take it! #midyawn @RubyLbeecham

"Oh, you don't like feet?" *pats them on the head with your foot*.

8. You're always taking sneaky snapchats of each other.

"@_marplesyrup: rach and i were sitting & taking sneaky snapchats of eachother AND WE BOTH DID THIS AT THE SAME TIME "

10. You just can't ever rely on each other to take good photos.

Instagram: @viola

11. When you go around each other's homes you'll overstay your welcome just long enough to wind them up.


"Guess I better get going..." *twenty minutes later* "Wow, these shoes are taking ages to lace up, right?"

15. Sometimes you'll spam each other's social media profiles with likes, just to confuse them and get their hopes up a little.

Instagram: @sam_the_voiceless

"Wow, 26 Facebook notifications. Because they've liked every post I've put in the last three months..."