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    18 Things That Only Make Sense If You And Your Best Friend Love To Annoy Each Other

    The best feeling is finding a new way to gross them out.

    1. If you ever point out each other's annoying habits, it only serves as motivation to do it even more.

    Disney Channel

    "Oh, am I a noisy eater?" *shovels popcorn in mouth and chews with mouth open*

    2. You simply can't let it go when one of you makes a slightly embarrassing typo.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    3. And finding out a new way to gross each other out is just the best.

    You know your friends when you can put your feet on them like this and they just take it! #midyawn @RubyLbeecham

    "Oh, you don't like feet?" *pats them on the head with your foot*.

    4. You can't let each other live down embarrassing mispronunciations from years ago.

    Warner Brothers

    5. And you'll both happily dish out embarrassing stories when you first meet each other's partners.


    Where to begin.

    6. You've mastered doing impressions that really wind each other up.

    20th Century Fox

    7. Whenever you've stayed at theirs, whichever one of you gets up first can't bear to let the other one sleep.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    8. You're always taking sneaky snapchats of each other.

    "@_marplesyrup: rach and i were sitting & taking sneaky snapchats of eachother AND WE BOTH DID THIS AT THE SAME TIME "

    9. But you always screenshot any ugly selfies that are exchanged.

    10. You just can't ever rely on each other to take good photos.

    11. When you go around each other's homes you'll overstay your welcome just long enough to wind them up.


    "Guess I better get going..." *twenty minutes later* "Wow, these shoes are taking ages to lace up, right?"

    12. You compete over who can get the last bit of food one of you is so clearly eyeing up.


    There's no "you go first" in this friendship.

    13. You both know that saying "sorry, I wasn't listening" so a story has to be repeated is one of the easiest ways to annoy each other.

    Marvel/ Disney

    14. You shamelessly triple and even quadruple text each other with no apology.

    15. Sometimes you'll spam each other's social media profiles with likes, just to confuse them and get their hopes up a little.

    16. You know each other's embarrassing family nicknames and aren't afraid to bring them out in public.


    17. You often call each other out on being annoying but neither of you plan to ever stop.


    18. Because even though to other people it might seem weird, neither of you could possibly be any other way.

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